Friday, April 29, 2005

My New Chair!

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I ordered one of these chairs (minus the cello) on line today. I have been wanting to get one for ever and finally, I was inspired. The chair is the Louis Ghost Chair. Chris will not like it because it is going to be in a corner behind the main seating area in our living room and so, will seem to him to be mostly for decoration (GOOD GOD! NOT THAT!) and only a little for functionality. Plus, there is no way that a polycarbonate chair can be comfortable, right? It is just what the space needs, though. The great thing about Chris is that he doesn't much care what I furnish the house with unless it causes him some sort of frustration on a regular basis (like the user unfriendly coffee maker I purchased this year). I overcame that by always trying to make the coffee to spare him. I am a great wife, don't you agree? I think that he is a bit put off by the modern look that the living room is starting to take on, but as I told him, I am doing this in a very inexpensive way, so that if we hate it in a couple of years, we won't HAVE to live with it. I want to be a good American and do my part for the disposable culture.
Anyway, we just had a delicious dinner of Curried Chicken Pot Pie made by our friend Beth. It was a real treat not to have to cook tonight. I may post the recipe on the blog in the future. Remember when I used to do that?
Just finished watching Manchurian Candidate...the remake. As good as the original, I think. Fun movie. A little sci-fi but I think that it isn't far from the mark. Just substitute Haliburton for Manchurian Global and perhaps it is based on a true story...only Georgie doesn't have a computer chip in his brain. (Or does he?)
Well, time to go to bed. Bye for now from the Hoosier State.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One View of the Unfurnished Living Room

We need furniture but I am paralyzed by choices and a relative lack of time to devote to it. For now, we are just improvising...a tupperware toy tub as a coffee table...stuff like that. I hope that by the end of the year, this room will be entirely furnished.


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Testing, Testing...
I am learning how to upload photos to my blog. This is our new kitchen in an unfinished stage. We still need a backsplash. If this upload is successful, just can view all sorts of Hoosier photos in the near future. Stay Tuned!

Monday, April 25, 2005

A Fresh Start


Thank you for joining me as I begin this new blogging adventure. The second phase of my Bloomington Life. Why a new blog? Because I want only my very dearest friends from my old life or complete strangers to be able to read it. The old address had "gotten out" in these here parts and I decided that I could not be as candid as I would like as a result. So, here we go.

The second phase of my life in Bloomington is the topic here. Well, actually, I am the topic here. Self-centered? You bet. This little blog is the place where it gets to be all about me, what I think, what I do, what I think about what I get the picture. Of course, I will write about other things and people, but only from MY perspective. Well, there we are.

We are in Day 30 of "the confinement". The progress, if you can even call it that, is slow, slow slow! Last night, we went out for the first time for a "date". It was really great to get out and act like things were normal. Except that Chris can't drink OR drive. So, I had to step up and do both. We had dinner at Tallent, my favorite restaurant here. It has WONDERFUL food and good wine. It makes me feel sort of like I am back in Fairfield County, which, I have to admit I have missed lately. We went to see Arcadia and I LOVED the play. The group that performed it did a pretty good job but not a great job. It made me wish I had seen it in New York when it was on Broadway.


This afternoon, Jack and I went to the library. On the way out, he was trying to get into my purse and saying over and over that there was something in there he wanted to "see". When we got to the car, to shut him up, I went through my purse and realized that the object of his desire was an OB tampon. For those of you not familiar with such, an OB tampon is an approximately two inch long by 1/2 inch diameter cylindrical shaped white object, wrapped in cello. One end is rounded, the other flat. There are ridges going up the sides. Jack was fascinated because he had never seen one before. He HAD to have it. So, I figured, what's the harm? It will keep him occupied for the ride home. So, I gave it to him. He asked what it was. I told him it was a special kind of cotton swab you kept in your purse in case you got a boo-boo. He unwrapped it and felt it and said, "It feels so soft, Mommy. I love the way it feels." Great. Then he unravelled the string that attatches to the bottom and decided that it would make a great bracelet. He begged me to get more at the store. He dangled it around and I was mortified that someone might pull up next to us and wonder what kind of mother gives her son a %$#!-ing tampon to play with. When we got to the butcher shop, our next stop, he bounded out of the car with his tampon bracelet proudly displayed on his wrist. I suggested to him that he might want to leave said unusual piece of jewelry in the car because it would be so sad if he lost it in the store. He agreed and then asked me at least three times if I had locked the car. He explained that he was "a little concerned that someone might steal his bracelet." If we were in Fairfield County, therapy might be called for. But, luckily for us, we are in the Hoosier State where this can be cured with a little big of rough housing. Just kidding. Fortunately, when we arrived at home, the tampon bracelet was but a distant memory. It makes me think of my friend Tammy Jo. Tammy Jo was at the Monroe County Fair last summer with her two kids in tow. Her younger, Joey, was in the carriage and was about two years old - maybe a little younger. It was a double carriage but since her older daughter was walking, Tammy had her purse in the empty seat. Tammy was wheeling Joey and her purse around and greeting folks she knew as she passed them. A friend leaned down to admire baby Joey and then looked perplexed. "Tammy, what is he chewing on?", she asked. Tammy looked at Joey and was mortified to see that he had gotten into her purse and was happily chewing on a tampon. Nice.