Friday, April 29, 2005

My New Chair!

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I ordered one of these chairs (minus the cello) on line today. I have been wanting to get one for ever and finally, I was inspired. The chair is the Louis Ghost Chair. Chris will not like it because it is going to be in a corner behind the main seating area in our living room and so, will seem to him to be mostly for decoration (GOOD GOD! NOT THAT!) and only a little for functionality. Plus, there is no way that a polycarbonate chair can be comfortable, right? It is just what the space needs, though. The great thing about Chris is that he doesn't much care what I furnish the house with unless it causes him some sort of frustration on a regular basis (like the user unfriendly coffee maker I purchased this year). I overcame that by always trying to make the coffee to spare him. I am a great wife, don't you agree? I think that he is a bit put off by the modern look that the living room is starting to take on, but as I told him, I am doing this in a very inexpensive way, so that if we hate it in a couple of years, we won't HAVE to live with it. I want to be a good American and do my part for the disposable culture.
Anyway, we just had a delicious dinner of Curried Chicken Pot Pie made by our friend Beth. It was a real treat not to have to cook tonight. I may post the recipe on the blog in the future. Remember when I used to do that?
Just finished watching Manchurian Candidate...the remake. As good as the original, I think. Fun movie. A little sci-fi but I think that it isn't far from the mark. Just substitute Haliburton for Manchurian Global and perhaps it is based on a true story...only Georgie doesn't have a computer chip in his brain. (Or does he?)
Well, time to go to bed. Bye for now from the Hoosier State.

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