Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Found Magazine

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The other night, I was watching the local cable access channel. I don't know why I was, but I was. Anyway, for about ten minutes, they broadcast this local show called "Found Magazine". It was a shot at a local bookstore called Boxcar Books and it was just a (funny) guy showing found things. They have a website of this stuff and much of it is funny, some poignant, some gross. The picture today is one of those found items. No reason at all for it, just felt like it.

Chris and I ate lunch at the country club today to use up our monthly food minimum. As many of you know, the clubhouse burned to the ground last winter so they put up what I can only describe as three double wide trailers to serve as a makeshift clubhouse, office & cafe. Ah, the luxury of the Bloomington CC. It's the life. I think we stay on as members because it is relatively cheap, we didn't have to pay an initiation fee (included as part of Chris's practice) and they do have a nice pool. I hope that Jack can "touch" in the shallow end this year so he will want to go more.

That's all to report from the home of John Mellencamp. I will try to do something more exciting tomorrow.

N.B. I hate Vegas and wouldn't want to go either!

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