Saturday, May 21, 2005

No Pictures Tonight, Just a Boring Journal Entry

Saturday evening at home. Chris is putting Jack to bed and I just finished a secret hot-fudge sundae. Well, it would have been secret had Chris not caught me. It was SO good. Probably adds 500 Weight Watchers Points to my day. Well, it was worth it. What's the point of practically starving myself most days if I can't be a pig occasionally? No point at all as far as I can see. The only problem with ice cream and other such delicious treats is that no matter how much I have, I always want more. Chips, cocktails, cookies...more more more. Does that make me bad? (No Joni, not bad...just a glutton.) I love to eat and drink but worry about weight constantly. I keep thinking that I will reach a place of maturity and self-acceptance that allows me to love my middle-aged body and relax a bit about weight. On some days, I think that I have gotten there but I am always wrong. It never lasts. The whole obsession is entirely rediculous but I and about a bazillion other women just can't seem to grasp that.

Enough of that nonsense.

On Thursday evening, Chris and I went to see the Wide Open Jazz Quintet at a local bar called "Bear's Place." They have a jazz concert every Thursday at 5:30 - 8:00. They serve bar food and drinks and the music is excellent. The piano player in the quintet we saw Thurs. is a sophomore or junior in high school and is a brilliant musician. It was cool to watch him. It made me think of Arnie Cummings. Arnie played lead sax in our high school jazz band and he was absolutely brilliant. Like the pianist we saw. Everyone thought he would become a musician but he became an eye doctor in Westchester County and plays in a weekend Jazz band. I wish I had gone to see him when we lived in CT. I also wish I had that kind of talent.

On Friday night, we went to see the first of a series of concerts in this year's Bloomington Early Music Festival. I LOVED it and Chris dozed off. I thought it was a great date anyway.

This afternoon, Jack and I went to the Y pool to swim. He is finally swimming as well as he did last summer so adjusting to this summer's swim lessons shouldn't be a problem. The pool was empty - fortunately there were no poopers there so we didn't have to flee in terror. Jack had a great time and I wasn't too grossed out by the indoor pool thing.

Okay, I am done with the boring journal entry. Tomorrow I shall endeavor to come up with something better. Off now to read. Indeed, my favorite time of the to the eating hot-fudge sundae time of the day. Only the latter happens so seldom...

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