Saturday, June 25, 2005

Be Careful...You might lose a lip.

It is a Friday night at 9PM. Chris is working until 11 tonight. Jack is finally asleep and I am eating a late dinner and having a not needed glass of wine while I write. It has been a full day and, after I got a decision made I have been going back and forth on for some time, a good day. More on that later in a later blog.

I accidentally posted a title without a blog recently. The title, May I bring you a Pashmina?, was from our weekend in St. Louis. Last weekend, Jack, Chris and I drove to St. Louis. Kate goes to school there and has an apartment off-campus. Jack slept at Kate's, where they had a great time together. Chris and I slept at the Sheraton and had a nice break. We went to the St. Louis Zoo. I am not big on zoos, but this one is really wonderful. And, it is free, to boot. Jack LOVED it. Chris and I went to Tony's St. Louis, a 4-star place on Saturday night. We were not all that keen to go, but since Kate had gone to some trouble making a reservation, we thought we should. We expected a stuffy, self-impressed restaurant but were pleasantly surprised with fab food and attentive service. The topper for me was when I was chilly, the waiter graciously asked, "May I bring you a Pashmina?" I asked back, "May I keep it if you do?" Sadly, and expectedly, the answer was no. In any event, I loved it.

In other news, I am back to waxing. For those of you who remember my early blogs, you may remember my waxing fiascos....wax everywhere, unable to remove it from the rug on the floor and the rug elsewhere, velcro vulva...etc. Well, one would think that I would finally say uncle and spend the forty bucks to have someone else remove the excess hair on the old scooter for bathing suit season. But, no! I am still in a cheap do-it-myself mood and decided the other night that the time had come to clean up the old bush. Well, it was ill-advised, let-me-tell-you. First of all, I was sort of in a hurry, since I was getting started late in the evening. I put the wax melter-thingy on the high-heat setting to speed the melting of the stuff. In my haste, I slapped it on and, well, disaster! on the right leg. I applied hastily and removed roughly and the result is that I have bruises that look like hickies in some untoward areas (at my age!) and to boot, I am peeling where the too-hot wax burned my skin. You will be relieved to know that I got the hang of it by the time I did the left side, so all was smooth sailing there. But the right side? OY! Chris looked at it and said, "Honey, either you improve your waxing skill or break down and pay someone to do this." I was telling a friend of mine about my pubic mishap and she advised me to "be careful next time or you might lose a lip." Wise advice.

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