Sunday, August 28, 2005

Donna Reed

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Sunday night, quiet house. Chris had the weekend off (hooray!) and we went to visit Meg and Abram and little baby Elizabeth on Saturday. The drive to Kokomo is ghastly but it was worth the trip. It is always amazing to see a new little person. SO tiny. How quickly you forget.

Elizabeth is (of course) perfect and I am very happy and relieved to say that Megan appears to be grounded and taking it all in stride. Abram, too. In contrast, I was completely overwhelmed when I brought Jack home. I had some post-partum depression and felt that I didn't know what I was doing. Of course, it didn't help that I produced just about no milk. As a result, Jack was STARVING and screaming his head off much of the time. (I reluctantly admit that my mother was right. When I was pregnant, I told her I was planning to breastfeed. "JO-ni! Whatdayawanna do THAT for? You don't have anything on top. How are you going to make enough milk?" Another vote of confidence from my well-meaning mother.) But, I digress. Anyway, so far so good at the Rayl household.
I am really happy about that.

Tomorrow morning, my writing group starts. I was so psyched for it but now that it is imminent, I am finding a million reasons why I shouldn't do it. Okay, maybe just a few reasons. Like, I have so much housecleaning to do. I have to be a better mother to Jack...blah blah blah. I think that I am a bit nervous, is all. It also feels like I am going back to school in a way because now I am going to HAVE to write.

I might make my writing project this blog. You can choose anything you would like . I would like to develop my skills for writing about daily life in a funny way. It is hard to do from this place because (believe it or not) many people here just don't think that I am funny. It wrecks my confidence a bit. If you don't think I am funny, gentle reader, NEVER ever let me know. Deal? Good.

Well, I should be off to bed. Oh, yeah...Why Donna Reed, a symbol of the American Housewife as portayed on TV? Someone sent me a fifties article from a women's magazine on how to be a good housewife. It was pretty old-fashioned and some of it was downright rediculous, but I have to say that I do much of the stuff that was recommended. In so many ways, I have become a traditional 1950s style housewife. How DID this happen? Write in any comments you want in answer to this question if you please.

I would love to expound more on this but I must go to bed. It is getting late and Jack is on a streak of getting up before 5AM lately. It is AWFUL.

Stay tuned for a future blog about my latest visit to the gynecologist and also to Victoria's Secret.

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Mark Peacock said...

Writer's workshop? The need for self-expression is a wonderful thing. We all have something to say; a few of us are looking for an audience wider than our cocktail party/car pool/mommy group/wine club/pick your personal gathering of friends. Blogs are one way -- though by ditching your old blog address when you think you've been "out-ed" leads me to believe that you're not completely comfortable with identity blogging.

I've extended this from the ridiculous to the sublime by podcasting -- to be found at As if it isn't enough to ask people to read my ramblings, now I'm asking them to listen to them too. Just a thought in case you want to take you need for self-expression to a new high (low?)