Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jack in a Suit! The Move to Bloomington as a Relationship

Jack in a Suit!
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I know that every parent thinks that their kid is gorgeous, but mine really is, right? I mean, look at the picture. And of course, he is brilliant, too. Seriously, I just had to put this picture on the blog. I just adore my little guy.

My big guy is at work tonight. Mon - Thurs this week he works what we call the "goofy shift" from 1PM to 10PM. I think that he works more here than he did in CT and truth-be-told, that is a big drag.

I have found it difficult to put together a decent blog lately, even though I have ample material. I feel a pressure to be witty and funny but my muse must be on vacation because I just can't get the flow if it. It might be in part because I am not a real writer, though I fake myself out by believing the kind feedback I get from time to time about this blog. Or, I might be in dry spell because I have lately been distracted by constantly taking the pulse of how Bloomington is for us and distracted by the idea of moving back to CT (though it might not even be an option at this point). It comes and goes and has lately lingered.

I think that moving to a new place can be compared to the phases of dating, or at least what I remember dating to be like. First comes the Honeymoon Phase in which your new mate/town is viewed through the rose colored glasses of infatuation. The new mate/town is compared to the old and wins hands down in every category. The Honeymoon Phase can last quite awhile if the chemistry and conditions are right. Inevitably, this phase gives way to the Hum-Drum-Daily-Life Phase in which you discover little and big things about your new mate/town that may not be so rosy and exciting. The Hum-Drum Phase either deepens the relationship or wrecks it. If it deepens the relationship, you start thinking about long term committment and you eventually take the plunge, right? If it wrecks the relationship, you go on to the next candidate or back to your last mate who has been recently calling you and whispering sweet-nothings in the phone to you.

Well, comparing our move to Bloomington to a relationship, we are in the Hum-Drum-Daily-Living Phase. The honeymoon was long and intense but it just couldn't last forever, especially given that Chris had open-heart surgery. That sure made me (and Chris, I think) really wish we had our old friends nearby. Anyway, so here we are, in the Hum-Drum Phase with more objective eyes taking in the scene. Like anything else, there are wonderful things and not-so-great things to view. Will this wreck or deepen the relationship? Will we move on to the next candidate or race back to the familiar embrace of CT? Only time will tell.

Time for bed. Reading THE AGE OF INNOCENCE again. What a delicious story.

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