Monday, September 19, 2005

My New Bike!

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Isn't it lovely? This is a picture of the bike I ordered for my husband to give to me for my birthday. The only difference is that mine will be a much cooler shade of blue. I can't wait until it comes in.

I have just written and deleted five paragraphs in this very space. They were all boring regurgitations of my day. Believe me, you aren't missing anything. The highlights were my writing group (wonderful) and a playdate that Jack had here with another kid from his class (horrifying). I love my kid, truly I do. But he can be such a little brat to other kids. (I originally used "asshole" but it isn't very nice for a mom to call her five year old an asshole and I do want to be a nice mom, honest ) It is going to take some work to straighten Jack's little hiney out. If we had had another kid for him to grow up with, he might know how to get along with other kids better. Or, he would just be honing his set of Jerk skills beating the crap out of his little brother/sister. Who knows.

I am off to watch some mindless TV. I feel like writing more but I can't think of anything entertaining or worthwhile to say.

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