Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sex Appeal...?

Brownie Love
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Today I phoned our cabinet builder to follow up on a piece of furniture he is making for us. He is sort of the "it" cabinet maker in this town but he has a reputation for being chronically very late on delivering the finished product. Many people here were shocked last year when I got my kitchen cabinets designed, built and installed in what I now know to be record time for this guy. Some have asked how I did it. For shock value, I am always tempted to say, with a completely straight face, that I performed oral sex in exchange for an expedited delivery. I never say this. For one thing, It isn't true (the cabinet maker is a church-going man and would never agree to such a deal) and for another thing, I suspect that some folks here might find such a response just plain vulgar rather than funny. The real truth is that I baked brownies for him all the time AND he happened to have a very rare break in his normally packed schedule.

So, back to my phone call with the cabinet guy today. After we discuss the business at hand, he says to me, "It's strange, Joni, but I had a dream about you the other night."

My first reaction is surprise, quickly followed by curiosity, quickly followed by a twinge of excitement.

"Wow!", I think, " Someone is actually dreaming about ME! Yes, indeedy! I've still got it baby!"

It is beside the point, of course, that I am not interested in this man. It is all about the possibility that maybe, just maybe, I might be attractive to a man other than my husband even though I am a forty-three year-old. stay-at-home mom who wears birkenstock sandals, khaki shorts I found in the parking lot of the IU pool (they fit great and they even had five bucks in the pocket!) and until last week was having her hair cut at the barber shop. (more on the shorts and haircut another blog.)

"You had a dream about me?" I asked, hoping that he wouldn't go into any embarassing details other than to awkwardly say something sort of innocent expressing what a babe he thought I was. Yep, this was going to make my day.

"Yeah. It was really strange. We were supposed to meet and you were supposed to bring me brownies. You didn't bring them and I kept wondering where the brownies were."

I could hear the Goddess of Middle Age laughing at me somewhere up in the heavens. I joined her. After all, there is nothing more attractive than a sense of humor...


Anonymous said...

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UNDRBLLY said...

If the brownies had the same effect on the cabinet maker as they did on me, he should be paying for them! WoW!

Anonymous said...

The other night I had a dream...it was that you sent your brownies to somewhere west of you....illinois? no no, that wasnt it....oh! ST LOUIS!!! where lots of young hot 21 year olds would be HAPPY to dream about you in exchange for baked goods. ;)