Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yawn...A Boring Blog Update

I am writing this blog from the IU Tennis Center where Jack takes lessons a couple of times a week. The poor kid has to keep bending down to scratch his legs because he has multiple bug bites. I am starting to think that we have fleas in the house and I have no idea what to do about it. It is a totally gross concept to me. The strange thing is that I never get bites but Chris and Jack both have them. I guess they just taste better than I do. Fine with me. Do I have to have the whole house bombed with flea poison if we have them? Do I get to give Zoe away, finally? Pet owners, please enter your comments and suggestions below. Just click on the comment thingy.

Today the sky is forboding. Thunderstorms will surely arrive this afternoon. I hope they hold off until 2:00 so the outdoor pool can remain open for swimming. The IU lap pool has post -labor day swim every day from noon until 1:30. It is packed with real swimmers (women with no back fat popping out of their Speedos and men who, well, men who actually wear Speedos.) I am determined not to be intimidated and so far, I have been okay with this crowd. There are several people who are slower than I am and they make me feel a little better about my slow pace. So what if they are all over sixty.

I haven’t done a newsy blog in awhile. It might be dull to those relatively new readers who have tuned in after hearing about the spicy content in this blog...IPEX bras, vagina coaches, waxing the “down below”... Sorry if this one disappoints.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth about whether to remain in Bloomington, we have come to the conclusion that we just don’t have it in us right now to consider a move. We moved to Bloomington less than two years ago, moved into what is now our home only one year ago, went through the ordeal of Chris’s open heart surgery and then had to deal with Megan getting pregnant and then married. It is too much to think about making any more changes at this time. Plus, the fact is, we love this town. It has been awhile since I sang its praises, but they continue to be numerous.

Wow. Lesson is over. More later...

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