Monday, October 24, 2005

Bad Logos. Bad Vegetable.

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Who designed this and how on Earth did it get approved? Enough said about that.

Another wonderful Monday because it started out with my writing group. We have a public reading in two weeks to which we invite people to come and listen. I don't know what I will read. It is tempting to read a funny piece because the feedback is so definite. You can tell by laughter if it is well received. I don't have much written that is serious. I have a list of topics I want to explore but they feel so large, so heavy. Way too ambitious for just two weeks to write something. Those are for another time. Light for now.

In other news, Jack insists on eating all meals on his TV dinner dish now. Apparently everything tastes better in the deep blue plastic divided dish. Well, everything except Okra. The dish didn't work its magic on that disgusting vegetable. I let Jack have desert even though he didn't finish his Okra. It is GROSS if you ask me.

Chris bought it at the farmer's market for some reason and we made it for dinner tonight. Well, Chris's mom made it after poring over several of my cookbooks for a recipe. She didn't have one of her own because she is one of the 99% of people who find okra repellent. She breaded and sauted the slimy pods and I prepared a jalapeno mayonnaise to accompany them. Chris ate them but nobody else was enthusiastic. I took the breading off and dipped it in the mayo and that was pretty good. Childish, but good. I slipped the naked okras onto his plate while he wasn't looking. Chris's mom prepared only half of the okra purchased. We slipped the other half in the garbage while Chris was upstairs putting Jack to bed.

Speaking of bed, that is where I am now. The house is quiet and Chris is trying to sleep. I fear my typing might be keeping him awake, so I am going to sign off and read SALT.


Princess said...

The person who came up with that logo was obviously not thinking. Nor the people who said, "That's great, let's go with that." Are they blind?

I think it's so cute that Jack wants to eat everything on his new TV dinner tray. :)

And yeah I have to agree okra is cuckca!! ::blech::


Anonymous said...

Okra is a sensitive vegetable and should not be cooked in pans made of iron, copper or brass since the chemical properties turns okra black...I'm suprised you didnt know that. maybe if you bought your daughter those boots dinner would have been better. ANONYMOUS LOVES YOU