Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fashion & The Bloomington Girl

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I mentioned that I went to a cocktail party on Friday night. I realized it was time for me to do a little maintenance shopping when I put on my favorite pair of flirty shoes and one heel had the little hard plastic thingy missing. So, the metal part was exposed. I couldn't wear them as they were because not only did I sound stupid walking (tap, KLUNK, tap, KLUNK), I didn't want to scratch the floors at my friend's house. Changing shoes was out of the question. The outfit HAD to have these particular shoes. So, I got resourceful. I wrapped duct tape (or is it duck tape?) around the bottom of the heel and colored it black with permanent marker. I felt pretty mighty at first but before I had gotten to the threshold of the host's home, the metal spike had worn through the stupid tape anyway. I told a Fairfield County friend this story along with another story about me spray painting a lamp to update it rather than spending the money on a new one. She said that these things along with me wearing clothes found in parking lots have gotten her quite concerned about me. She said that if she dared to even come to Indiana, she would do some kind of intervention.

Anyway, because I don't want to be caught without the right shoes to wear, I went on a little shopping spree tonight and ordered up a couple of pair of sassy little pointy-toed shoes. A pair of sling back low heeled sexy pumps in black and a pair of leopard flats. I will augment those with a few skirts and tops and I will be all set for the winter social season here. (Hah...winter social season...is there one? For us, it is mainly IU basketball games and for those we wear the obligatory Hoosier T-shirt or sweat-shirt) Cultural/music events here are casual or as dressed up as you like. So, a few dressy stand-by outfits will be good. I hate to spend time putting together a look. I like to have them all ready to go in my closet.

The whole ready-to-go concept is why I have worn what is practically a crew-cut for about a year now. For swimming it is perfect and for biking, also great. The look divides the people I know right down the middle, I think. On one side are those who love it and the other side there are those who don't say much but when I mention that I might grow it out a little, they jump right on it and show all kinds of support for that decision. Hair. It is a funny thing. Right now, it is way too long for me (I actually have to blow dry it...it only takes a minute or two, but still). I am going to get it really short again right after my in-laws visit this weekend. I love them and I don't think they care one way or another what the length of my hair is but I always feel better around them with just a little more of it.

I did spray paint this floor lamp that Chris has been dragging around with him since the beginning of time. It was a shiny brass lamp of good pedigree but it was too shiny and too brassy for me. So, I bought some Rustoleum and sprayed away. Other than getting some on the driveway, which my eagle-eyed husband saw immediately, the process was so easy and the results so good. Now, being who I am, I want to spray paint everything. I also spray painted a Baker's Chocolate Pan and restored it to (almost) its original glory. Several of my readers have the same pan, but for those of you not in the know, I will give some background.

I worked at General Foods in R&D (Coconut Development!) in Dover Delaware after getting out of college. The GF plant was very large and made several products. A major product was Baker's Chocolate. We made the bars for retail sale and also made 10 lb bars for industrial use. The molds for the 10 lb bars look very much like large baking pans except that they have BAKER'S on them along with The Belle Chocolatiere (sp?) the woman who has always been the logo. My pan was sort of rusty and beat up and it was so fun to make it look great. I am going to find a way to hang it in my kitchen now.

Well, off to bed to continue reading SALT. I am actually finding it quite interesting. The full title is SALT A WORLD HISTORY. It is by Mark Kurlansky. It is really a history of salt, which, sounds pretty potentially boring to me even. But, I have to say, that so far, I am finding it to be a good read. I will keep you all posted.


Princess said...

I'm of the same ilk. If I can do something to save something rather than buy new that's my preference. So you just keep on doing what you like. :) btw I've seen heel replacements at my local grocery store if you wanna DIY. :) I'm now curious about the book you're reading. An entire book on the history of salt? You'll havta do us a book report on it when you've finished. ;)

M.S. Wells said...

What a cute and insightful post. I would have done the same thing to my shoe. Except that I'm the only girl in NY who doesn't wear heels. Love the way you described people who don't like your crew cut. Same thing happened to me when I cut off my perm and tried to grow my hair out all African-like.