Friday, October 28, 2005

The Hazards of Spray-Painting

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Jack's halloween party is tomorrow afternoon at his school. At 2PM the kids will don their respective get-ups and at 2:15 they will parade around the school. Refreshments will follow. Originally, Jack wanted to be Lenny from A Shark Tale and I should have gone with this because you can buy the costume on the internet and be done with it. But nooooo. I just couldn't let it be. I suggested that we make his costume and suggested that a robot would be a good thing to be. He agreed.

Since my in-laws were here all week, I got nothing done (except power eating) so I didn't start on the costume until this morning. I found a box that Jack could 'wear" and cut a head hole and arm holes in it. Then, I made him a helmet thing out of a six-pack carton and two paper towel tubes (antennae). I taped it all together and prepared to spray paint it shiny silver.

I spread out a large disposable tablecloth on our driveway, placed the boxes on top of it and sprayed away. It was a little windy so the spraying was a bit tricky. I was discouraged at first because the tape surfaces and the cardboard surfaces took the paint entirely differently and the box was not very uniform. Then, I remembered that I was doing this for a five-year-old and got over it. I didn't have to win an oscar for best costume design. After a bunch of coats, it didn't look too bad.

Now, as you might recall, the last time I spray painted something on our driveway, my eagle-eyed husband immediately noticed that I had gotten some paint on the driveway itself. I hate when he catches me being, well, being the careless person I often am. I know that I am careless about stuff like this and it bothers me not at all. I just hate when he notices it. So, I was determined to be extra neat this time. I would make sure that no paint got on the driveway at all. And in fact, it didn't. Well, while I was doing the actualy spray-painting anyway.

After I finished the project, I had some errands to do. The tablecloth and the drying boxes were behind my car so I moved them carefully into the garage on my husband's side. I surveyed the driveway and found no paint at all. I was not a little pleased with my self for doing such a tidy job.

I backed out of the garage and pointed my car in the direction of the street. I heard a strange noise. It sounded like I had run over something. I got out to check and found that indeed I had. A can of spray paint.

The can was pretty flattened and its contents had oozed out onto the sacred driveway. The sprayer was hissing in a threatening way and I became worried that the can was going to blow up. I threw the can onto the grass like it was a grenade with the pin pulled out and ran like my ass was on fire into the house to get some towels to wipe up the evidence. I felt like Lucy Ricardo.

I will post a picture of Jack's costume tomorrow when it is all finished. Like my spray-painting career. All finished.

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Valerie said...

Dear Bloomington Girl...besides a picture of Jack's costume, can your loyal readers pls see a pic of the driveway too.You know, the one with the smeared paint all over it? And maybe a real photo op with husband Chris staring at it, as well. Just for Grins, ya know! Our grins.JB