Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Weigh Five Hundred Pounds

My in-laws have been here since Saturday and I have used their visit as an excuse to eat everything I possibly can and now I weigh 500 pounds. I plan to lose all of the excess the weight over the weekend and get back into some of my clothes by Monday. Fortunately, my new bathing suit has some stretch to it so it will still fit and I can swim off the excess lard starting tomorrow. I imagine that I will float beautifully. I just hope I don't displace too much water in the pool.

In an ill-advised move, I went shopping today and bought seven pair of jeans and and two skirts. I needed to try them on at home because the mirrors and the lighting just plain suck at the Muh. (For those of you who don't know, I don't honor the Mall here with the whole name because it is so pathetic it doesn't deserve it. Thus the Muh.) Plus the lighting was terrible (as it always is unless you are in a nice store and of course, we have none of those in Bloomington). So, I brought everything I thought might possibly work home with me. Tomorrow, I will take almost everything back. I probably should wait until I lose a few hundred pounds before I start shopping for jeans in earnest. Shopping for jeans when you are in your forties is tricky business and one must be in the right state of mind and body.

I know now why I do everything mail order. It is just so much more civilized to try things on in your own home. Yes, you have to pay for shipping, but most of the time, it is worth it to me. I suppose I could make the trip up to Indy to some real stores, but it is an hour's drive and it feels like such a waste of time. And, it is SUCH a tedious drive.

I don't know why I am going on about shopping. I guess that ever since the heel incident, I realize how deficient my wardrobe is after almost two years of neglect and no shopping. I have to ramp it up a bit or I am really going to look like a frump. I do realize that pretty much nobody is going notice me anyway but it does make me feel better to look at least decent on a daily basis.

Well, off to bed. Maybe something more interesting will happen tomorrow and I will be able to write a fascinating entry. Stay tuned.

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Princess said...

I so hate shopping at the muh as well. I feel for you. ::hugs::