Friday, October 21, 2005

In Other News

I just posted a blog about Jack's first TV dinner. And now, I thought I would blog about my day because I know how fascinating you all will find it.

I made the Bolognese Sauce this morning. Jack got up at 5:50 AM so lucky me, I had lots of time to get it going before the babysitter came at 11. Jack didn't have school today for some evil reason so I had to get a sitter to come over so I could do incredibly important things such as exercise, get my hair cut and take my very first piano lesson. (After this, I am going to practice.)

Well, the sauce smells like the stuff I had on my honeymoon in the place that I can never remember the name was the second city we visited in Italy. It was the most incredible Bolognese sauce ever and I have been in search of it since. The sauce I made tasted good as well, but it seemed to have too much oil/fat on the top. I am refrigerating it so the fat is solidified and I am going to skim it off before I make the lasagne. I think it will be FAB. More as the story develops.

Well, I thought my haircut was at 12:30 so after the babysitter came at 11, I raced to the Y to get in at least 30 minutes of swimming. The pool was a bit crowded with rather large people who made lots of waves, but I still managed to swim my fastest 1000 meters ever and then I rushed to get to the hairdresser's. Well, I forgot that IU is hosting Ohio State in football tomorrow and that made for a bumper to bumper traffic experience on the roads I use most. As a result, I started getting late for my appointment. So I called Steve, my hairdresser at about 12:35 and told him I had gotten stuck in traffic and was circling the block looking for parking and that I would be a little late. He informed me that I was already a lot late. My appointment was at 11:30. OY. He apologized that he couldn't fit me in later in the afternoon.

So, I had an hour and a half now to kill before my piano lesson. I went to the sporting goods store at the mall and looked in vain for another swimsuit (remember the back fat issue? Still there.) While trying on suits I took a long look at my hideous hair. I decided that I MUST get my hair cut right away.

I beelined to a barber shop where I knew there to be a female barber. She took me right away and twenty minutes and eleven bucks later, I emerged a new woman. I have to say that it is a really cute cut. As good as the ones I have paid much (MUCH) more for on the east coast and far more convenient and much cheaper. I loved the speed with which she worked. She cut off at least two inches. My husband didn't notice for two hours after he came home from work. This kind of thing continues to amaze me about him.

My piano lesson was pretty funny. I am taking from the same woman who teaches Jack and I was a bit surprised to find that she uses the same high-pitched, sing-songy voice when teaching me. GOOD JOB! And she sings kid words to the different ryhthms. Like "Run, Mommy, Run, Mommy" and "Charlie Brown and Snoopy". I read music and she keeps forgetting that. But I learned a lot today and I am going to keep it up. I enjoy playing.

Well, that is all for now. I wonder how many readers made it through my little boring journal today to this point. I am working on more witty pieces for the future but as always, can promise nothing.

Of to read more SALT.

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Princess said...

I'm so glad the sauce turned out well. And I'm sure it WILL be fab lol The trouble I had with taking piano lessons years ago was that my teacher rembered all too well that I could read music. Annoyed the heck out of her that I would never practice and was sure to tell me EVERY lesson. ::rolls eyes:: :) I was in a small bookstore today and kept an eye out for SALT but didn't run across it yet. Let me know if you think it's worth ordering when you're finished. ;)

pink sparkly princess