Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just A Housewife? BITCH Magazine

Just A Housewife?
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A mason came out today to give us an estimate on the repair of our front steps. He was very nice and very chatty. He came highly recommended by a good source so I knew he was both a good mason and a decent guy.

After he assessed the job, he got around to asking me what I did. I told him that I was a housewife. There was a time, not so many years ago, when I would have NEVER believed that I would feel comfortable either being or saying I was a housewife. And, there was a time in the more recent past when I used to answer that I was a full-time wife and mother but I USED to be in business development...etc. It never occurs to me now to assert that I used to have a career. I've grown completely comfortable with my role and myself in it. I think that being a full-time wife and mother is the best gig I have had. Way better than being employed by someone else and having to get up and get dressed and get somewhere and get sales and get stressed...you see where this is going. On the other hand, there are days when I would love to be in the company of someone who isn't completely in love with hearing himself repeat potty words. (When does that stage end?)

Oh, right...back to the mason.

The mason looked at me and asked, "Just a housewife?" I replied, "Yep. Just a housewife." Was a time I would have taken some kind of offense to that question. JUST a housewife??!!! Blah, blah, blah. What happiness to not have to either take offense to that or feel that I must prove my worth to the person asking it. Hooray!

He continued with what I thought to be a bit of an odd question. "How did you come to be a housewife?" I paused. Huh. How did I come to be a housewife? "Well, I got married and had a kid and wanted to stay home with him and his two older sisters." Simple enough. Then he went on to quote Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura about stay-at-home moms (apparently Dr. Phil estimates that a housewife is worth about eighty grand a year and Dr. Laura, well, you know what she thinks.) I didn't know where he was going with this. It wasn't clear at all. Maybe he was just a nice guy making conversation. I am still not used to that, being a bit more comfortable with East Coast ways. I find myself thinking that all interactions should have a point or an agenda. Here, it isn't always like that. People just chat. That's it. I am still getting used to it.

The other day at the local health food store, I went on a little magazine buying binge. I bought two mainstream mags on decorating and one not-so-mainstream mag called BITCH. BITCH is all about feminist response to pop culture. I bought it with a view toward trying to get something published in it (like my piece on plastic surgery). As it turns out, the articles are interesting and funny and right-on. I am going to suscribe. When Chris saw it, he immediately started making fun of it and paging through it, stopping to disparage several features. Then, he came across a sexy ample cleavage shot (in an article about women in advertising) and immediately warmed to the periodical. "Hmm. I can see why this is a good magazine." Nice.

Well, I am off to bed. I hope you like the new blog look. I am trying to learn to design my own site but it is slow going. For now, I have to use the designs of others.

As always, comments are always a treat.

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Princess said...

Hiya, finally made my first visit! WEEEE!! :) Here on the east coast, you'll get alot of people calling you honey and sweety and darling as well. Driving however is a different story. I've heard we are some of the worst drivers on the east coast side. :( To most people (you know about my 'side job' lol), I am a housewife too and it totally rocks! I like being at home most of the time to take care of my Daddy. :) And I'm sorry (well not really lol) to say this, but being a bi-gal I have to agree that any magazine with cleavage shots are good ones. My bad! ::giggles::