Saturday, October 01, 2005

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy
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Last Monday was Jack's birthday and we had some cupcakes (one each) after dinner to celebrate. The cupcakes were left over from his party and were (I admit it) made from a mix, frosted with that fake frosting from a can. Now, those of you who know me - and I think that might be everyone reading this blog - are probably shocked to hear that I even allowed a cake mix in my sacred kitchen where only scratch baking is done. But, it is true. And you know what else is true? I LOVE cake-mix cake and fake frosting from a can. There. I said it. I'm cheap. What can I say? I even bought two extra mixes and cans of fake frosting for cake emergencies.

Anyway, after Jack opened his presents, Chris took Jack up to bed and I cleaned the kitchen. There were about five cupcakes left and they were a bit banged up and ready for the trash. But, it seemed such a shame to throw them out just like that. So, I decided I would maybe eat the frosting off one before it went into the garbage. Well, eating the frosting gave way to eating the whole cupcake. And they were small, right? Why not have another? In all, counting the one I had after dinner, I probably ate three and a half cupcakes. I thought I would get away with this until Chris walked in and busted me, chocolate frosting on my face. I was pretty embarrassed. He said, "AHA! Now I get it!"

"What do you get?"

"How you can be gaining weight while you are working out so much! You're sneaking food!" He laughed. Then, he threw in some pig snorts for added fun. Actually, he is the one who is always telling me that I am not gaining weight but I have been complaining lately how fat I am. (Wouldn't the world be such a better place if women like me would put their energy into improving the planet rather than obsessing about their weight?...but I digress)

Well, that did it. Back on the diet. Back to counting stupid points and deciding whether I want the martini, two glasses of wine or, well, dinner. Because you CAN'T have it all. Damn.

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