Monday, October 17, 2005


It was a wonderful day! Mondays are always so interesting because they start out with my writing group and that sets the tone for the day. I love being in a circle of women who are supportive and open minded. It is so different from the other social circles I have been trying to find my place in here. I didn't realize it at the time, but the party I went to on Friday night was the first time I can remember since we moved here that I actually was MYSELF at a party. I can't even remember a time here in a group setting when I was so engaged socially. I think that the key is to just seek out more of the same rather than try to form myself into a role I might otherwise have by virtue of my husband being a doctor in this small town. In CT, I never felt that being a doctor's wife or the wife of a partner in a practice had requisite social stuff to go along with it. I think that might have been because we were in a much more metropolitan area and the doctors in the same medical community as Chris actually lived across several towns, not just one. So, our lives were not intertwined the way they are in this small town. Or the way they could be if I let them. And I have sort of decided not to get intertwined. Much easier and just about no downside as far as I can see.

Tonight for dinner I made a delicious Thai dish, very spicy because now Chris has my cold, poor thing. It was stir-fried cauliflower with thai red chile sauce and snow peas and tofu. If anyone wants the recipe, leave a comment and I will post it. I also made some corn muffins this morning with raspberry jam filling. My old friend Michele LOVED those. I think of her every time I make them.

Just watched this week's Rome with Chris. HBO has great series shows. I really like this one. Now, I am off to bed to read. I started SALT last night but I don't think it will be a page turner. I am going to give it a chance. If that doesn't compel, I'll just flip through the lastest mail order catalogues and call it a day.


Princess said...

Being a doctor's wife sounds interesting, but that's not all of who you are. We're at our very best, when we can be who we truly are. That's much harder than just being what everyone wants you to be. It's very cool that you finally got to be yourself!!Obviously, they liked who YOU were. :)

You mentioned the title of the book you were reading now, but what's it about? :)

Pink Sparkly Princess

justin shock said...

i am home on my day off struggling with homemade seitan. if it doesnt work out this time, i'm afraid the consequences might be severe! food suicide! anyhow, WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME YOU HAVE CABLE! you are officially the envy of me and everyone i know. xoxo justin

M.S. Wells said...

Oh, and may I also say, I love Found magazine. Have you seen the book? You absolutely must see the Found magazine book. That's how I was introduced to the mag. Have you sent anything in to them?