Thursday, October 20, 2005

Warning...Boring, Rambling Content Below

Too Heidi ?
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] The name of my new favorite cereal is Autumn Harvest. Cereal is one of my diet downfalls, believe it or not. I could eat bowl after bowl of it. This new one is by the Go Lean people and it is so yummy. I just tried to sneak a before-bed snack of a bowl without Chris seeing it. I don't know why I sneak it. Maybe I figure that if he doesn't see me eating it he won't notice it on my hips? So silly since this is a guy who sometimes doesn't notice when I cut and color my hair. He just loves me for whatever/whoever I am at the time. But, I digress.

Anyway, today has been a grazing food day. I made some (fabulous, if I do say so myself) oatmeal, dried cherry, white chocolate cookies for a friend and made the mistake of keeping a dozen at home. Wrong move for me. I ate two of those today. I had a bowl of Autumn Harvest for lunch because I was too lazy to make myself anything else. I have been munching and nibbling here and there and I fear that it will add up to quite a bit. Well, it could be worse, right? Such a luxury problem...too much to eat.

Now that it is getting cooler, I must change out my summer wardrobe of shorts to jeans and sandals to shoes and all that. I find that it is hard to put my feet into socks and closed shoes and even harder to put the lower half of me into jeans. I fit into most of my jeans from last year and I was thinking that I should lose a few pounds to fit into all of them. Then, I came to my senses. You see, almost every pair of jeans I wear is from my daughters's closets when they were in high school. Must I continue at age 43 to fit into the jeans of seventeen-year-olds? When I was seventeen, I wouldn't have come close to fitting into these pants by the way. Haven't I earned the right to purchase some clothes of my own? Don't get me wrong, these are classic, nice, jeans. But, I would be lying if I said that they were at all forgiving or comfortable. I think that it is time to be comfortable. After all, if I can't do that in the heartland, where the hell can I do it?

Speaking of wardrobe, I spied a pair of darling boots today in a catalogue of a store I LOVED when I lived in CT. They are black suede and embroidered all over in a floral pattern. Turns out they are on sale half-price. I was thinking of ordering them but I can't decide whether they are too Heidi. They are featured in my picture above today. Any thoughts, gentle readers? The more I look at them, the less I think that they are right. But, I really loved them in the catalogue. Hmm. Could always send them back, right? On the other hand, I live in Bloomington. I might be able to wear them, say, four times this year? Nah, never mind.

As I mentioned, I am reading SALT. Yes, it is an entire book on the world history of Salt. So far, I am reading about Salt in China around 500 BC to 100 AD. The books talks about other things besides Salt, but usually in the context of how those other things fit into the whole Salt thing. Did you know that as early as 100 AD, the Chinese were piping natural gas for use in cooking? Yep. It is true. They discovered it while drilling for salt brine. They noticed that occasionally the men working on the drilling would take ill and die almost immediately. Occasionally, there would be an explosion. At first, the Chinese thought that evil spirits were causing these things. After a time, they realized that they could light the gasses and soon, they started to pipe them using bamboo piping. They would pipe the natural gas to cooking houses where they would cook the brine over an open flame to evaporate the water and get the salt.
Salt was a big deal and often the cause of wars. Who knew?

Anyway, off to SALT for me. Tomorrow is my first piano lesson! I am sort of excited about it. It is also the first time I will attempt to make authentic Bolognese sauce for use in a homeade lasagne I have planned for the in laws. Wish me luck my friends.


Princess said...

As gently as I can say this, I don't care for the boots. I like the pic of the heels you had before better. As for fitting in your daughter's high school jeans, wow!! Salt does sound as if there are some interesting bits of history in there. May have to get it myself. lol I'll keep my fingers crossed on a perfectly made lasagna. :)

JB said...

JB said...oh, pulleeeeeze. The boots would do well in the West Village, or in the center of IU Campus, but not on the WIFE OF A PROMINENT BLOOMINGTON PHYSICIAN who everyone is bound to know and talk about. I liked the strapless shoes from yesterday...and the new bike, and the shorter haircut, and the new clothes, and the piano lessons. Wow..the metamorphis of my favorite Herkimer girl.

Anonymous said...

When I read this blog, I thought to myself...if only there was a way to tie this all together. perhaps by buying new jeans for yourself AND those boots...but then there was still the issue of tying in your daughters...and then i thought to myself..."of course anonymous reader! she should buy those boots for her daughter! (size 7.5 I would imagine) and maybe even throw in some new jeans for her too!" And that my dear bloomington girl is a perfectly ended blog.

Profile Machine said...

Joni! Don't buy those boots for your daughter. Buy them for her friend! (Lindsay!) .... You fit into our jeans how great, I don't even fit into highschool jeans! I hope all is well in your new life. I love your stories about you and Chris, how hilarious, I cry from laughing. I miss you.