Sunday, October 23, 2005

Who Reads This Blog & Steve Votes NO

When I started to blog, I don't know who I thought would be reading it. I started writing a blog to document our journey from Fairfield County, CT to Bloomington IN. At the time, I probably thought that my girlfriends from CT would read it and that would be that. I was surpised to find, over time, that my most enthusiastic readers were some husbands of my friends and (surprise) several of my husband's old partners and one of his non-partner best friends. Along the way, especially after the start of this, my second blog, I have picked up various new readers. The number and diversity of my readers is source of great delight to me. I am flattered that people tune in and then come back for more. This blog has become for me a little community of friends, some of whom I haven't even met. Virtual or not, it feels cozy in a hard to describe way. I see now what a lifeline it has been for me in our transition to the midwest. It takes a long time to really get settled - some say two years. I agree with that estimate. At least two years. Maybe more. I can't imagine how hard it would be if I didn't love this town so much.

Anyway, I received many comments about the Heidi boots (see posting from 10/20 entitled "Warning, Boring Rambling Content Below). Some were comments posted directly to the blog and others were directly emailed. Below I am sharing one from one of my husband's best friends. I have his permission.

Steve writes:

"What is this question, are the  boots too Heidi ?  What does that mean?

Are you referring to Heidi Fleiss the Hollywood madam and friend of Charlie Sheen? Are you referring to the model Heidi Klum of Sports Illustrated fame?  Or do you mean the little Swiss girl as portrayed by Shirley Temple in the movie?  

Do they look like boots a high priced call girl might wear? Would they be a turn on for a rich John with a footware fetish?   Do  these boots look like those that would grace the lovely feet of Ms. Klum while she is posing suggestively in a bikini on a tropical beach?  Or do you think that the little Swiss miss might select this footware to go looking for grandfather after escaping from that mean old lady with the kind, crippled rich girl in the mansion in the city far far  away.......Oh grandfather!

The boots are really NOT that attractive as evidenced by the fact that they are on sale!! Think about it.  The store owners  probably bought a railroad car (see Swanson story) full of these ugly boots, which nobody bought, and want to unload them ASAP.  So they figure they'll  send  some  mail order cataogues to  young  women in the Midwest who will think that the boots are so Heidi and consider buying them.. Save your money."

I wish Steve would start a blog, don't you?

Anyway, I must go to bed. Perhaps tomorrow night I will have something more interesting to say and more energy to write it all down.

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