Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Charms of Florida

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Have I mentioned how very much I love Florida? Of course not. Because, quite simply, I DON'T. Apologies to my loyal readers who live in areas which must not be at all like those I detest. I have not visited you but I am sure that your taste in location is superb. Perhaps we should have visited you on this vacation, but we were shooting for warmer weather, which, by the way, we aren't getting terribly much of here.

Anyway, I am going to unfairly say that I do not care for this state, with the exception of Sanibel & Captiva Islands which have escaped the strip-mall/B-Movie look common wherever else I have visited here. Apparently those towns have some effective zoning. Perhaps George Carlin would not be able to say accurately that America was one big shopping mall if the rest of the country had good zoning. But alas, that is a topic for another time. If you don't like the superior cranky me, read no further. I am superior and cranky today.

Today is not a fair day to be taking the measure of Florida or the measure of anything else to be sure. I have been sick all day and it rained buckets for at least half of the day. I don't know what is wrong with me but I suspect- perhaps wrongly- that I had some sort of intolerance to the five hundred pounds of garlic that were in my not very expertly prepared pasta dish last night. Don't get me going on the food in this town. We will try again tomorrow night, we hope, with better results. I know I am incredibly spoiled and it is quite unbecoming to complain about a perfectly fine Florida winter vacation. But, I guess I will simply suffer being ill thought of for today. Check in again tomorrow to see if I have straightened myself out.

Jack is having a great time. That must be said. He LOVES the beach and is enjoying being away, as he mostly does wherever we go. He is a good traveller. But he has been very obnoxious for at least half of every day. Good thing that it is the early part of the day...by dinner when we are in public he is as good as gold. And right now, he is quite charming as he plays a card game with Chris as I write. The solution is to go to a place that has a great kids' camp every day for the half when Jack might feel obnoxious. That way, Chris and I can enjoy some time alone and Jack can be heartily entertained. He loves that sort of thing. I seem to remember making that point strongly to my dear husband in the trip planning stages but he apparently didn't hear me. I thought his hearing was improving as regards myself, but apparently I was mistaken.

Well, that's enough complaining. Don't despair of my happiness, loyal readers. There are indeed wonderful things about this vacation...I just feel too tired and cranky to write about them just now. Perhaps tomorrow.

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Valerie said...

Where ARE you? It sounds dreadful!!