Friday, November 18, 2005


On my back, that is. I threw my back out in the late afternoon and I literally cannot get up without great pain and pathetic moaning. I was originally going to entitle this entry "Guess I'll Go Eat Worms" because I was feeling that nobody loved me...ect. I am happy to say that this back pain got my mind right off those stupid problems. The bright side is that I get to stay in bed all evening and drink wine (hey, I don't have any Rx muscle relaxers and my husband didn't have time to write me any before he went to the game) while my one of our favorite babysitters takes care of Jack. The only think I am missing is a bag of Tostitos or something like that.

I haven't even had any stiffness in my back for a million years but I think that this trip- so much sitting & sleeping in a different bed every night- might have brought it on. I probably should have skipped my workout today but it's too late now. Besides, I had a great flip turns were lovely!

This back thing hasn't happened to me for years. I feel so pathetic. I literally had to crawl to the bedroom. I saw first hand how much I do need to hire someone to clean this house. I wanted to vacuum immediately. Alas, I could not.

So, my readers might be wondering why my husband abandoned me and went to the game...well, I forced him to go. It's the season opener ( is against Nickles State...who?) but is should be really fun and energetic all the same. We had a babysitter anyway, so I figured he should go. And, I am glad that he went.

I am writing this in installments and since the last paragraph, I have successfully been to the bathroom (no small feat, believe-you-me) and have gotten myself an icepack and a bowl of my favorite cereal. Yum. Eating helps almost everything.

Well, faithful readers, I fear that I should sign off now. I am unable to find a comfortable postition in which I can hold my laptop and type. Woe is pathetic me.

I hope I will be up and around tomorrow. Otherwise, my husband won't be able to find anything...

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