Sunday, November 27, 2005

Here is the House that Jack Built

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We are in Florida and this is a picture of the sandcastle that Jack built today. Just kidding. We are in Florida but the castle that Jack built was more like a big mound of sand with a half moat around it.

I am way too tired to be remotely interesting or witty so I will keep this brief. We will be here for a week and we plan to do very little other than relax. We are staying in a tiny little "resort" near the beach, almost on the beach. It is a sleepy and relaxing place.

Jack is loving the beach. I got to read almost the entire Sunday NY Times today (the short version available outside the metro area) while Chris and Jack built sandcastles there. This was worth the whole trip for me. It has been ages since I got to sit down on a Sunday and actually read the paper at my leisure. I miss that paper. (Okay, so I miss the east coast...what can I say?) The pathetic Bloomington Herald Times can barely be called a newspaper so I rarely take the time to read it all. I catch up on the Times on line but it just isn't the same as having it in your hands.

Even though I did get to relax and read the newspaper for an hour today, I have to say this: Jack was incredibly obnoxious today until dinner time when he finally shaped-up rather nicely. I was ready to give him up for adoption but most of the couples here are far too old to consider such a thing. I love my kid but let's face it. A vacation with your five year-old is not that. My idea of a real vacation is either to go away alone with Chris (hasn't happened since Spain, two years before Jack was born) or to go to a resort where they have a great little camp for Jack. The latter is perfect. It would give us a chance to have an excellent family vacation and give me daily alone time with my husband or just by myself without feeling guilty that Chris wasn't getting time to relax. Okay, so I am a rotten mother...but at least I am honest.

Well, it is time to sign off. I am SO tired for some reason. Perhaps it is the sea air. More likely it is the two glasses of wine with dinner.

Drowsily yours,

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Princess said...

Hopefully things will be better as the week goes on. If nothing else, the change is scenery, should do you all SOME good. :) ::hugs::