Friday, November 04, 2005

IU Basketball Begins Tonight & Jack Gets in Trouble

IU Basketball
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Well, it sort of begins tonight. Tonight is the first exhibition game of the season against a no-name team. Still, it should be pretty fun. We have season tickets again this year and a parking pass, which is key.

This picture is of D.J. Ratliffe (sp?) jumping over his teammates's heads. This guy can jump incredibly high, especially when you consider that he is only 6'4" tall. Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, BloomingtonGirl, when did you get interested in sports? Have you abandoned your high-brow cultural leanings? Rush back East, BloomingtonGirl, quick before you start attending Nascar!

Calm down, gentle readers. All is well, when I get home tonight, I shall read some Henry James to balance out the evening.

In other news, Jack got into trouble today at school for flicking a younger kid in the face with his finger. Apparently this is the second day he has done it, having recently learned the compelling skill of flicking. When I tried to discuss the flicking of the younger child, he explained it thus: Well, Mommy, I was teaching Neil how to flick and there wasn't anyone else to demonstrate on, so I did it to him." I fear this kid has my bullshit gene.

Well, we are off to the game.


Princess said...

Hmm, he may have it, but you gotta admit, that's a pretty reasonable answer, lol

Anonymous said...

that kid must have an amazingly creative sister to come up with such a reasonable and simple answer. wow. i bet she would look great in boots.