Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mighty Girl

power drill
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Recently, I purchased two ottomans at Target. They were really great looking and inexpensive. I thought they were perfect for what is becoming a sort of modern looking living room. They seemed to be low enough to fit half-way under the glass & steel coffee table. It was the look I was looking for.

Well, next time I won't leave my measuring tape at home. The ottomans were too tall and there was no way the existing legs could be altered without employing a sheet-metal worker. Further investigation revealed, however, that the legs could be removed and possibly replaced. I went to Lowes and purchased some new legs and brackets into which the legs would attach and that I could screw on to the base of the ottoman. The brackets holes alligned with the existing holes in the ottoman. I couldn't believe how easy this would be!

Well, of course I was right not to believe it. The holes in the brackets were too small to accomodate the size screw needed to fasten to the bottom of the ottoman. So, I went to the hardware store and asked the advice of the cute hardware guy with longish hair and a cute...well, I digress here. Let's get back on track.

Anyway, cute hardware guy helped me pick out an appropriate drill bit and I went home to try my luck at power drilling.

I figured out how to insert the bit into my my husband's power drill. It seemed securely attached. So far, so good. I held the bracket and pointed the drill at the existing hole. How hard could this be? I was simply enlarging the hole, not actually drilling a new hole. Of course, upon contact with the whirling drill, the bracket flew spinning from my hand. Truth-be-told, it was a little scary. I realized that I needed to secure the bracket with something other than my hand. I found a clampy thing and fastened it onto the bracket and tried again. It was hit or miss, or shall I say drill or flight. I got one piece drilled and figured that my luck would probably run out and the departing luck might take one of my eyes with it. I donned some goggles (the ones that Jack used for 'digging diamonds" )but I hadn't solved the problem of my bare hand, which was getting a bit nicked up every time the bracket was ejected from the clampy thing. I needed some hand protection and I went with what I know best. I got a hot mitt from the kitchen and used that. It worked! I was able to get the remaining holes drilled without injuring myself. (It wasn't the pain of injury I feared. It was my husband's reaction when they paged him to meet me in the ER...You were doing what??!)

Anyway, I feel so mighty having gotten the job done. Now, the legs need to be painted. Spray paint? Perhaps. Just not in the driveway this time.


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Princess said...

Mission accomplished. You should be so proud of yourself. And spraypaint?? here we go...lol :)