Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My New Love

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Isn't she lovely? My laptop's operating system is ancient (does one computer year equal about one hundred human years?) and I couldn't upgrade it because of limitations inherent to the computer itself. So, Christmas is coming a bit early this year. I ordered an IMac today for my husband to give me for Christmas. Wasn't that nice of me?

In other news, I am happy to say that I believe that we have nailed down the concept for the Christmas Card this year. For those of you on our list already, you know what a project this has become for me and how much pressure your poor dear BloomingtonGirl is under every year as the holiday season approaches. I thought that all hope was lost this year but then a ray of genius entered my brain and VOILA! a concept was born. I hope that we can put it all together and get it out in a timely manner. If you aren't on our card list, don't despair. I will post the card here or you can get on our list by sending me an email.

Well, off to bed. Watched Empire Falls Part 1 tonight on HBO. Paul Newman is still a looker after all these years. What a class act he is.

More tomorrow between Thanksgiving preparations. Jack and I are going to make a mobile out of turkey drawings and other exciting crafts to brighten up our little holiday.


Mark Peacock said...

One of my best friends from college works for Apple, building their retail stores. He keeps trying to get me to buy a Mac, but it's too cute, too friendly for me. I like the cold hard edges of Windows or Linux. Also, I'd have to go out and buy/bootleg a whole new set of applications just to get it to do anything of use. I do have a iPod, though, so I guess that I'm half-way there...

BloomingtonGirl said...

I am not in business so I rarely need to seamlessly interface with the corporate world, so the Apple is just fine for me. The reason I am willing to spend more for an Apple is that you never have to spend time doing all that virus protection update crap. My husband has a PC...I would never go back...

Zombie Drew said...

Oh Joni, our love of blogs and of Macs binds us (and possibly forms some kind of unholy union, not of this earth). I got my Mac a few months ago, which of course means that the new one is way cooler and has a camera on top to take naughty pictures of yourself for the boys in the chatroom.

Most of that last sentence was wild embellishment. Most.

But I love my iMac and am fairly certain I would take a bullet for it, "In the Line of Fire" style.

Also: Danny Bonaducci is a fucking freakshow.

Amy said...

Joni - Re: your new G5 MAC-

please make sure you have another internet connection other than Safari. (I bought my MAC G5 in January this year and Safari was standard. Not sure it is now.) A lot of companies no longer support internet connections via Safari - including most recently Ticketmaster and GAP.com! So make sure you have another MAC compatible internet browser. Love, E