Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Patented Kegel Master

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Hi folks. I just couldn't resist this one. My friend Michelle e-mailed me a picture of another device called the Kegelcisor. Of course, it prompted me to do a search for other such devices. You know me, I can't resist this stuff. Not to use, of course...I just gotta know what's out there.

Anyway, there was a myriad of products ostensibly designed to assist one in doing Kegel's exercises, but the most interesting and may I say tacky item I found was this one, the Kegel Master. Note the lovely lavender plastic rose in the photo and the lovely pastel color of the dildo, I mean device. Its retail price is $149.95 but if you order now, you can get it for $98.95 on some websites. One of the sites touts the KegelMaster "as seen on TV". Wow. It must be good if it has been seen on TV.

Here is an animated demonstration of how it works:

Click Here

Reminds one a bit of the old PacMan video game doesn't it?

Testimonials revealed that not only was this device easy to use, but it was "pleasurable " as well. I bet it is. But for that much money, I am certain sure that I can find a reasonable facsimilie in my kitchen. Perhaps the toaster tongs? Nah, made of wood. Could end up in the ER for splinters. You can't be too careful when you are a doctor's wife. You definitely do NOT want to end up at the ER of your husband's hospital with anything involving your vagina and another object. I think that I will skip this altogether.

In other news, I am off the muscle melters and I think that my affect is coming back. My back is much much better. I weigh fifty more pounds from eating and lying around, but I guess that is the price I must pay to heal.

Rome is on. I must go!

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