Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Phew! Things take a turn for the better....

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Ah, loyal readers. I am so sorry to have caused you distress and worry about my sad mental state these past few days. You will be happy to know that I feel better today, both physically and emotionally. I suspect one often follows the other.

Today was the turning point of our vacation, I think. I woke up feeling much better than I did yesterday and so my outlook was greatly improved. This morning, we took a trip to Solomon's Castle. It was too cold for the beach and we thought that this way-off-the beaten-track attraction would be interesting. Solomon's Castle was built entirely out of used stuff, or junk, if you will. The outside of the place is made from discarded printing plates from a local newspaper. And so it goes from there. Inside of the place, you take a guided pun-filled tour of Mr. Solomon's sculpture, also made exclusively from discarded materials. It was incredibly wacky and clever and just a delight. Mr. Solomon and his wife (his fifth, by the way) actually live in this "castle" and there is also a "luxury" room available for an overnight stay. Adjacent to the place is the "Boat in the Moat", a boat built by Solomon to resemble the Santa Maria. It is a restaurant and not a terribly bad one at that.

The trip to Solomon's Castle takes you over miles of VERY rural roads and that in itself was a sort of tonic for me. I was refreshed by resting my eyes on some lonely orange groves rather than strip malls. It was simply a nice little trip.

Later in the day we went to the beach and although it was a little chilly, okay, a lot chilly, we had a great time.

Tonight, we FINALLY found an excellent place to eat. Bella Roma was a superb Italian restaurant and it restored my faith in the dining here. Tomorrow we will try an authentic Peruvian place and the night after, our last, we will probably go back to Bella Roma.

Jack was an absolute delight for most of the day. What else can I ask for? Okay, maybe a lap pool and a really great gym, but I can have that when I go home.

Well, the Indiana/Duke Basketball game is on ESPN and I must go and see it. Our tickets are being used by our neighbor tonight but perhaps it is just as well. I suspect that IU is going to get smashed by Duke. So sad.


Mark Peacock said...

I was in Durham, NC -- home of Duke University -- the night of the Duke/IU game. Very close, but the Duke fans were happy they pulled it out. I was at Duke business school the next day. No long faces in Durham...

Princess said...

Glad to hear it turned around for you! :) Esp as I'm a fan of Florida. ;)