Saturday, November 19, 2005

Piano Recital

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My readers will be happy to know that I am much better today and can actually move around the house without yelping in pain. Many thanks to Dr. Deirdre for her phone consult. The muscle relaxers are doing their job magnificently. Can I have a glass of wine with them? It could only help, right? Feel free to leave your comment. I am still not 100% but at least I am not all crippled up, as my good friend Cindy's mom would say. Crippled up. Love that phrase.

Jack had his first piano recital today. He was brilliant, of course. I was able to sit through it, though it was challenging to become upright afterward. Anyway, Jack's rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was far superior to the ten other kids who played the SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER...oh, excuse me. Yes, it was a little tedious and I was glad when the older kids started playing so I could listen to something besides Twinkle. But, still, it was sweet to see the little kids at the piano. Jack was a little nervous but he had no problem getting up there, taking his bow (he bows really funnily) and playing his little piece. The teacher asked me if I wanted to be in the recital but I declined. Maybe next time...hahaha. The oldest kid was 14 and he was WAY better than I could ever be.

Seriously, I am loving my piano lessons. Right now we are renting a piano for a year to try it out. I am pretty sure that I want to buy one at the end of the rental period. It is more satisfying than other instruments I have played in the past (flute and sax). I still stink at it but I enjoy it nonetheless.

In other news, well, there is no other news really. Chris is grilling hot dogs for dinner and taking care of Jack so that I can rest my back. I feel pretty wimply lying around like this but I have to admit that I am enjoying not doing much at the moment. I even got to take a nap this afternoon before the recital. I LOVE to take a nap and I so rarely do.

I can't say I am looking forward all that much to Thanksgiving, thought it is one of my very favorite holidays most years. This year, Chris has to work the "goofy shift" from about 2:30 to 10PM. Last Thanksgiving, I had two couples and their kids over for dinner and it was really nice. Well, this year, one of those couples is having Thanksgiving at their house and we are not invited. Ostensibly, I have been crossed off the wife's friend list over a babysitting dispute. I apparently stepped on her toes by using her favorite babysitter twice. A babysitter whose name I provided to this woman in the first place. I suspect it must be more than that but the babysitter thing is all I have been told. I mean, she knows that Jack and I will essentially be alone for the holiday and still, she didn't include us. In any event, I don't get this competitive, petty mother bullshit and I hope I never will. It is harder to stay out of the crossfire of that kind of nonsense in a small town like Bloomington, but I am going to attempt to steer clear. It is too aggrivating. I think that my husband is absolutely right when he says that the key to a happy life is a thick skin and a short memory.

Well, the hot-dog chef is calling me to dinner and I have complained enough. One HUGE brightspot today...I learned that Rome will have at least one more season! Hooray...I love that show. Season finale is tomorrow night.


Perk said...

Why is it that people get their buns in a knot over petty bullshit all the time? They should be dropped off in earthquake ravaged Pakistan or our own Gulf Coast or at Walter Reed Hospital. Chris is absolutely right. Here's another one from Uncle H. : Worry about the big things.
Glad your back is better!

Valerie said...

Hoosiermama...well, Chris is mostly right---a thick skin, a short memory, AND "squish'em like a bug when you get the chance cuz it feels so good!" Dr. Phil would agree......JB