Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wild Turkey

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When we lived in Connecticut, I came home one day to find a big wild turkey standing on the roof of Meg's car in our driveway. I ran to get my camera but was not fast enough. I wish I had that photo to post today. We used to have about twenty or so wild turkeys that strolled through our neighborhood in CT. I always thought it was so cool. Little did I know. The news is filled today with stories of wild turkey uprisings...mean little birds pecking at humans! Please. Do they seriously think that they can stop us from eating them?

Undaunted by these attacks, we ate some turkey today. Chris did a turkey breast on the charcoal grill and it was wonderful. The Thanksgiving dinner I made was not my best ever, but it was very good and miraculously, all dishes were ready at the same time. We ate quite early because Chris had to go to the hospital at 2:30 and work what we call the goofy shift. At least he won't be working Christmas. New Years, yes. But that has never been a big holiday for us.

Kate is in NY visiting her boyfriend and Meg stayed in Kokomo to be with her in-laws, so it was just Chris, Jack and me for the holiday. I considered really scaling everything back and having dinner in the kitchen, not making all the side dishes...etc...but, it felt wrong to me. I mean, why wouldn't you go all out for two of the people you love most? So, I prepared everything I usually do (minus the whole bird) and I set and decorated a formal table. Okay, we did a Dinosaur Thanksgiving motif for Jack, but it was lovely and seasonal. A sort of Martha Stewart does Thanksgiving at the Museum of Natural History. Something for everyone at the table.

In a way, it was a cozy and delicious day. Because we were not having other people over, there simply was less cooking/clean-up to do. Jack and Chris had time to go on a hike this morning. Often when Chris tries to take Jack on an outdoor excursion, Jack complains a great deal about, well, everything. This time though, it was just magic. They both had a great time. When Jack returned from the hike, he was so happy and unusually affectionate. He was cold so I made him some hot chocolate to warm him up. You would have thought that it was the best thing he had ever had. When he was drinking it, he was happy all over. Pure joy. I just wanted to freeze him in time and hold us all there forever.

On the other hand, this holiday was a little lonely. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the preparation of the traditional meal and all that goes into it. I love that it isn't a religious holiday and that everyone celebrates it. For as long as I can remember, we have had lots of people around our table. So, this year was different for me. It really made me think about friends and family. I wish we didn't live so far away. But, as my late friend Michele always said..."It is what it is."

This year I am thankful for many know, the usual, friends, health, martinis... I am also thankful that it isn't last year. At last Thanksgiving we didn't yet know that Chris would be having open heart surgery. I am grateful that THAT is behind us.

Well, time to bed. Tomorrow I will be busy getting us packed and ready for our vacation and I need to get my rest.


Princess said...

I think this is my favorite post so far. And Jack sounds even more like the cutest most lovable child ever born on the planet. The kind of kid you wanna hug and give presents too because they are just so darn adorable in the way they enjoy such simple things that we have forgotten about. :) Thanks for sharing your day with us!!

Zombie Drew said...

As far as I am concerned, about the only thing to celebrate on Thanksgiving IS dinosaurs.

I pretty much hate all the standard Thanksgiving foods and keep rooting for an "alternate" meal. My "alternate" dinner would probably consist of lobster, whipped cream and hotdogs, and would be served on paper plates (adorned with clowns and jumping dogs).

So rock on Dino-Giving. Follow it up with a marathon of the "Jurassic Park" movies (you can sleep through "Lost World" - the whipped cream will do that to ya), and wake up just long enough to make your own fossils.

Yeah, gross.


Zombie Drew said...

Also: "Kokomo" is the worst Beach Boys song ever.

Mike Love will probably try to sue me now.

Writing songs for the soundtrack to "Cocktail,"