Thursday, December 01, 2005

I admit it....I was wrong

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About this place, that is. Truth be told, we would actually consider vacationing here again at some point. Surprised? Me, too. But, things have turned around very much since the beginning of the week and we have discovered many charms here.

First of all, the fact that we had an interesting and pleasant day yesterday doing something sort of unusual was a big plus. Then, to follow it with a superb dinner was another check on the positive side. Yes, the beach is a bit chilly, but one has to admit that the sand is perfect - powdery and almost white - and the shell hunting at low tide makes for relaxing walks for us and great excitement for Jack, who loves beachcombing. Where we are staying is quiet and the beach is not crowded. I am sure it is because it is off season, but it is pleasant just the same. We probably wouldn't stay at this place again just because it offers little in the way of amenities and our little unit does not have a private patio with outdoor space. On the other hand, it was VERY reasonable for what we are getting ( A perfectly stocked kitchen, two full baths, a bedroom and a living room) . It is, and I do NOT exaggerate, the cleanest place I have ever stayed. They won a white glove award last year and it was well deserved. We do wonder what toxic chemicals they use to get things so pure after every tenant, though. Or how they find hourly labor to scrub so thoroughly. One of the mysteries of life. Every once and awhile, one of us exclaims, "MY! THIS PLACE IS SO CLEAN!" It cracks us up.

Today was delightful. Jack slept in until 7:30 (the usual wake up call from our dear little one is at 6AM). After a leisurely breakfast, we all went down to the beach for a walk. Afterward, we had an early lunch and headed out to the Marie Selby Botanical Garden (or Titanical Garden, as Jack calls it). Of course, some of my readers (and I know who you are) would think that we are torturing Jack with cruel and unusual methods by taking him to such a place on a vacation. Well, I am happy to say that not only did he learn a little something, he had a great time. And, so did we. The place was incredibly impressive and beautiful.

Tonight we will eat at a Peruvian restaurant that has gotten good reviews and tomorrow we have reserved a boat for rental so we can motor around the area. Tomorrow night, we will return to that wonderful Italian restaurant.

What I don't like about this place is the traffic, but the fact is, you don't have to be much in it, if you plan it correctly. I suspect that it might be unbearable when the season is full blast.

Well, Jack is clamoring for a shower and I am going to read PORTRAIT OF A LADY while he has one. I think it is one of my very favorite books and I highly recommend it.

Bye for now from the girl who was wrong about her vacation.


Perk said...

I believe the orchid is ansellia africana. Glad you're having a fun vacation. Cheers!

Princess said...

Hoorah!! It just keep getting better!!