Monday, December 12, 2005

Move Over Andy Warhol

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My new computer has this feature called "I-Sight" and some supporting software called photo booth. Essentially, there is a built in camera right above the screen and you can take pictures of yourself all day long if you want. You can also click on different effects and get some really goofy stuff. For more of said goofy stuff, you may visit my account where I have posted a few. You just click on this photo and you will automatically go there.

As I write, I am drinking a martini and eating Pizzelles. I made the Pizzelles today at Jack's request and it was a huge mistake for my so called diet. I could eat these like chips. Okay, I DO eat these like chips. Some days, like today, I just say fuck it and eat whatever I like. I always regret it the next day but in the scheme of things, how important is it really?

I still have not found out if the guy at the Y died or not. I didn't check the obits today but I thought it would be too soon anyway. Tomorrow I will look. Nobody at the Y is talking. Damn. I really want to know. For some reason, it means something to me. The experience made me think of how ghastly it must be to be in a war zone and to see death and maiming all around.

Enough of that. This blog is supposed to be entertaining, right? I could always start another blog for heavy social commentary. If I do, I shall notify those readers who have the stomach for it. You know who you are.

Well, it is time to go and work on the Christmas card. No small feat, believe you me.

More later on the all blog network.

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