Sunday, December 04, 2005

The News in Brief

Flew into Indy last night in row behind awful Hoosier family complete with fragrant carry-on fast food feast and completely wired wild and crazy small child. Small child attmepts to play peekabo repeatedly with BloomingtonGirl over seat back while small child's mommy finishes her Nathan's hotdog and fries and digs into enormous Cinnabon. BloomingtonGirl smiles painfully at small child while thinking, turn around you little brat so I can read to my own well-behaved kid. Ignored them as much as possible could while being Miss Manners style polite.

Freezing rain on ground. Car covered wtih sheets of ice. Should have tipped us off.

Got home without incident. Didn't check cell phone or home messages. Turned out to be not so great for Zoe.

In morning, dog guy called. Zoe spent night at doggie ER getting stitches in her head due to losing fast fight with larger dog in regrettable incident at doggie hotel. Picked up Zoe with impressive new zig-zag Frankenstein scar on her head. Jack rides home with hat over entire head so he doesn't have to see Zoe's scar. Upon arrival home, Chris in his haste to get Zoe into backyard to avoid doggie accident in car or on driveway slips on glare ice and fortunately does not break fall with one of his previously broken wrists. Does cut shin though (same place he cut it on Jack's first birthday) and has to elevate bleeding wound for the morning due to still being on blood thinners. Also injured finger but probably not broken. Later in day, burns hand on the oven element, causing brief flash of pleasant flesh burning odor and resulting in white scar on back of hand. In denial, he resists suggestions to go to APA meeting. (Accident Prone Annonymous)

BloomingtonGirl not injured but very tired. Wonders if there is APAAnon.

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Princess said...

wow, what an alarming amount of bad luck to hit all at once, and as soon as you got home. Hopefully things will right themselves soon!! ::hugs::