Monday, January 16, 2006

More Boots!

More Boots!
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Greetings Loyal Readers! Here is a shallow and boring entry. I have had so little time to write lately and this is the best I can do tonight. Please forgive...

Kate was home last week and had her wisdom teeth out. Between pureeing her favorite foods and shopping with her (when she was up to it, of course), I have been quite busy. I had forgotten how much fun it is to shop for clothes with Kate. I must publicly thank her for reviving my old sense of fashion fun. I was on my way to becoming quite the heartland frump in a grumpy slump.

Speaking of fashion fun, my last post was of the FABULOUS new snow boots I had ordered on-line. Two of my readers were compelled to opine about this apparently controversial fashion find. One, posted her very bold comment right here on this very blog. “Absolutely Hideous,” she wrote. Another reader, sent an e-mail recommending I not purchase this unattractive footwear. But, a third reader wrote and said that the boots were definitely me. Now, she didn’t say she liked them - and I imagine she wouldn’t wear them unless forced to. But, she knew the happy truth right away. Those boots ARE me. They are SO me.

I received the boots and was disappointed to find that they were too small. Not to worry, though. A larger pair is on its way and is due to be delivered tomorrow!!!

The boots pictured on this entry are ones I bought at a sale last weekend at my favorite store here in Bloomington, “Relish”. I did not need another pair of boots, especially black ones, but these were so comfortable and I must admit, so great looking on my little foot. Sexy even! They just do something for the ankle.

Last week, Kate and I spent a few hours at said Relish and emerged with bags full of lots of new looks for us both. I felt a little guilty about splurging but I got over it pretty quickly. Kate helped me rationalize my purchases. I can count on her support in these things and I am truly grateful. Besides...she did pretty well herself.

Yes, I am on a bit of a shopaholic binge. I do know it. I won’t be on it for long. It comes and goes about every two years. Last time was right before we left CT. I shopped like a woman possessed. I had lots of little outfits put together and for a time, I dressed pretty well. Then, time passed and I fell into my old ways. And so it goes...I am in a shopping/dressing phase now.

Well, I must go to bed because chances are Jack will be up a few times tonight. He came down with this nasty cold today, poor kid. He didn’t have it when he got up this morning and now it is a full-blown thing. And I was just thinking how healthy we have all been. Geez.


Valerie said...

Okay, okay, so you are younger than I........but lately I have been reading really interesting stuff about middle age women who continue to get a kick out of wearing the same size and style as their teenage and young 20's daughters. Therapists are having a hay day with the whole thing.......not to mention surgeons. Anyway, dear Joni, you are beautiful AS IS.....lately I consider myself a pierogie and so what, I guess..........I yam what I yam. (But maybe I should have moved to Alaska in my later years so I wouldn't have to continually expose my fattiness to everyone). You are priceless!

Princess said...

I just ADORE these black boots you got!!! VERY sexy!! ;) ::wink wink:: :o)