Monday, January 23, 2006

Random Notes

I just don't seem to have any time to write lately, thus my few and far between entries. I thought I would just post a little life update before I went to bed. Maybe tomorrow, I will get it together to post something more interesting.

All goes well here. Chris is on the phone with his dad planning a vacation. We are going to Florida with Chris's parents at the end of February. They are easy to travel with and we all enjoy ourselves. I'll say it again...I am lucky in the in-law department. I think that we will go back to Siesta Key, but we are going to stay at what appears to be a better place than last time. The beach there is so gorgeous. Jack can't wait.

I am thinking of going away either this weekend or next to visit my friends John & Val, also in Florida. I'm planning to leave Jack here with Chris and go solo. Wow. Could be pretty relaxing... I just have to book my flights and off I go.

My writing group resumed today and there are a few new women in it. They read their stuff and I was really impressed. I love to hear all of the different voices in this group. I signed up to do a longer reading later in the semester...I have to find something to write about. I am known in the group for my "down-below" humor but I am thinking about writing about this think that Kate and I did together way before Marie got sick. One night, we decided to rent movies and have "Cry-Fest '99" (or maybe it was 98, can't remember). We got some junk food and rented some tear-jerkers. I can't remember why Meg and Chris weren't there. Anyway, we rented Stepmom and One True Thing. We started watching Stepmom and thought it was really stupid and unrealistic (!) so we stopped and watched One True Thing. It was a beautiful film about the value of homemaking and being a devoted wife and mother. How Kate and I cried at the end when the mother died of cancer. Ironic that both movies were pretty much about what we would be living in the not so distant future. We didn't know then. How long ago it seems now.

Well, off to bed. I find that I am so tired by this time of night. Jack keeps me hopping.

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crescent said...

i think you'll really enjoy doing the reading. i loved it when i did mine last fall. sorry i'm not with you this spring. have a scheduling conflict! good to be able to keep up with you via the blog. and i look forward to seeing you at some event or other at the bloomington women's writing center. i'm leading the brown bag this wednesday! .... barbara ann