Tuesday, January 10, 2006

True Love

True Love
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I can't write much because I am quite tired and it is late (for me). So a quick one...

I couldn't resist these boots. I know...you might say "Are you serious?". That is what my husband said. But, yes, I am serious. I love them and ordered them this morning. Bloomington needs them and I am just the girl to wear them.

More tomorrow when things have settled down here. Katie had her wisdom teeth out today, so my schedule has been a little hectic. Jack is very excited about the prospect of Katie getting to eat as much ice cream as she wants. Life from a five year old perspective is simple and good.


Valerie said...

Absolutely hideous!!!!

Princess said...

Like pink camouflage. It has possibilities. teehee ;o)

Based on your previous boot entries, they seem to definitely be you. lol