Wednesday, February 15, 2006

BloomingtonGirl Gets On Her Soapbox

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Most people reading this know that I am no fan (to say the least) of this man or his commander in chief. However, I think WAY too much is being made about the hunting accident and especially about Cheney not having a valid license to hunt quail (or whatever he didn't have a valid license to hunt.) So Cheney had an unfortunate accident. So what? Cheney didn’t run right out to a microphone and announce it. I don’t CARE and I frankly don’t want to keep hearing about it from the media. I want our not-so-free press to focus on the real issues, not the partisan bullshit. And further, the democrats could take a page out of Cheney's book. This guy just doesn't take any crap from the press or anyone else. Should Cheney have notified the public immediately? I don't know but WHO CARES? What are we going to do about North Korea? Are we going to go to war with Iran? Is our deficit going to bury our kids and ruin our nation? THESE are some of the things that I care about.

Along these lines, the democratic national party called today for money. I told the very nice man on the phone that I was not ready to pony-up at this point. While I was not a supporter of the current administration, I hadn't been so pleased with the democrats and how they screwed up the last two elections. The fund-raiser man brought up the impending demise of choice in this country as if that was the pivotal reason I would write a check. I stopped him short. This is another reason why the democrats annoy me lately. Choice is a very important issue, I agree. But it is NOT one of the most pressing issues happening right now. That bus has left the station, people, so quit crying about it. The court is stacked and the fat lady is warming up to sing. So-called moderates who voted for George Bush can thank themselves for that. In a similar vein, I do think that there should be gay marriage. But, I think that it was ill-timed for the left to take that on as an issue prior to the last presidential election. These types of issues, sensationalized in the press and used by politicians to further divide the public, are fairly petty in comparison to what really ails our nation.

What I would like to see the political parties focus on are the REAL issues in our country. Here is my incomplete, not-so-short short-list in no particular order: The consolidation of media ownership and the slow death of the free press, the blurring line between church and state, our dependence on foreign oil, jobs being shipped overseas and the erosion of the US manufacturing base, the ENORMOUS trade deficit, the ENORMOUS budget deficit, the disintegration of our society and the dumbing down of everything from education to popular culture, the impending health care crisis and contributing greatly to this, the unhealthy diet of an obese nation.

Well, that is my rant for tonight. Someone sent me THE ZEN IN WRITING by Ray Bradbury and one of the things he says to do is to just write passionately about something. So, I did.


Valerie said...

Whoa, Bloomington girl. Your brain is on overdrive. Luv it when you talk dirty. Isn't that what our current political climate has turned into...dirty talk? I agree with most all(if not all) your points. What a surprise. JB

Anonymous said...

just wanted to see if this is really anonymous before I leave some meaningful stuff

Anonymous said...

Hi Gal,
Love your rant! Multiply that times 1000 and you have a conversation with Andy! Hey, I gave you the Ray Bradbury book. GLAD to hear you got a good tidbit out of it!! Thanks for the IM message. I will try again from work next week. This week we have a winter break and its off to Gore for one day. Say hi to Chris and Jack. Hope to talk to you soon!!

Mark Peacock said...

Though we probably are coming from different ends of the political spectrum, we've come to the same point. The hullaballou about Cheney made me turn off the news for a week. As you said, how completely meaningless -- how completely an "inside-the-Beltway" tempest in a teapot.

While I can't generate the same energy that you can about media consolidation and church/state separation, I absolutely agree that the erosion of US manufacturing, research and technical capabilities and the twin deficits of budget and trade should be the absolute focus of all of us -- not just the government, but also of an involved populace. It is frightening to see what the Indians and the Chinese are doing nowadays...

BloomingtonGirl said...

Today Jack asked me why everything was made in China. He pointed to several of his dinosaurs and said, "See? China. China. China. China. But this one can't be made in China because it starts with T." Of course the T was Taiwan. I started to explain the massive trade deficit and how China is supplying tons of low cost junk to us that we are wasting all of our money on and how China will be in a strong position vs. the US economically and that he should be taking Mandarin lessons in order to prepare himself. I notice immediately that he wasn't listening, so I shut up.