Friday, February 10, 2006

Lucky Girl

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I feel like a Lucky Girl every time I look at this picture of Jack and Kate. This was taken on Kate's birthday when she was opening a card that Chris made for her. He had drawn this funny little body that looked sort of monkey like and pasted a picture of his head for the head and had drawn the monkey/Chris figure holding a bunch of balloons. As you can see, Kate and Jack enjoyed it. Jack made the cake in front of Kate. It was, well, what you would expect from a five year old. Barely edible.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Meg and Abram's birthdays. They have the same birthday, which I think is pretty cool. Abe's angelic parents are taking care of Betsy for the day and night so that Meg and Abe can come to Bloomington and go to the IU Basketball game and have their birthday dinner here and have the whole night to themselves sans child. They are the nicest people in the whole world. Megan married into an incredibly nice and supportive family. I have to make their birthday cake tonight and I can't decide what to make for them. Jack keeps insisting that we make lemon cake from a mix. A mix? In my kitchen? I think not, little boy. (Although, I am a little tired and if time is tight...)

Kate is coming home to "surprise" me tonight but she made the mistake of telling Chris and Jack, who are equally bad at keeping secrets. Both let it slip almost as soon as they had been sworn to secrecy. I have to say, though, that Jack is much better than covering up than Chris. It is a bit disturbing that my five-year old can spin out fairly complicated fabrications to keep a secret. On the other hand, it is a comfort to know that if Chris ever even thought of having an affair, which he wouldn't, I would know immediately.

Basketball game at noon tomorrow. I hope that that Hoosiers don't lose (AGAIN!). Season tickets may be easy to get next year...

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