Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Over it & Jack Messes up our Kharma

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Over It

Well, loyal readers, I have to thank the many who wrote to me with words of encouragement about my mid-life crisis. I am happy to say that it is over. Isn't one day of despair (okay, part of a day) enough to spend fretting over stupid things? I decided today that I should open a bakery to solve my feelings being worth less. I went so far as to call the city zoning and planning and the health department. Fortunately, I got answering machines so that I could quickly come to my senses. The bottom line is that I am over that notion, too. As far as becoming a real writer, I have come up with a strategy. I plan to submit several pieces to about one hundred magazines and then paper one of the walls of my office with the rejection letters. (I stole this idea from my friend Michelle except that she planned to paper her powder room with them.)

And as for getting some sort of job, I am over that, too. If I did that I wouldn't have time to blog, practice piano or do my nightly pore tightening facial masks.

So, as you can see, I am back to my normal self. I got one email that was right on the money... re: Mid Life Crisis..."sounds like a PMS moment to me". How right you are, Ms. Doctor.

Jack Messes up Our Kharma

When I picked up my angelic son today from school, the teacher informed me that he made his friend Jensen cry on the playground by taking Jensen's coat hood tie and flicking the poor kid in the eye with it. Jack probably didn't do it with mean intent but rather was getting carried away physically. He really likes Jensen. So, we discussed it with the teacher, Jack got all ashamed and embarrassed (appropriate) and that was that.

But here is the problem as I see it. Jensen is the great nephew of the Dali Lama. Why can't my kid beat up on some regular kid? MUST he make a kid from THE enlightened family cry???? Could this mess up our kharma? Might we have to come back as worms or cock-roaches in order to work out this playground catastrophe? My mid-life crisis pales in comparison to these life and death questions...

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