Saturday, February 11, 2006

Poopy Story (Rated G for Gross)

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Yesterday I went into the powder room and noticed that the toilet paper was unrolled so that the end of the paper was touching the floor. On the unrolled part, about half way to the floor was a, well, how do I put this? A racing streak? A wipe mark? A poop spot?

It was clear that Jack just unrolled the paper, pulled it toward him, wiped and released it back. No tearing, no throwing away the dirty paper. How fast and convenient. So Jack to do something like that.

After I stopped laughing and made a stern face, I called Jack into the bathroom.

"Did you just go poopy?"
"Did you wipe your bottom?"
"Yes I did."
Pointing to the evidence, "Is this where you wiped?"
"Jack, you are supposed to tear off some toilet paper, wipe your bottom and throw it in the toilet when you are done. You know that."
"But mommy, I was in a hurry. I HAD to do it that way."
"Jack, don't do that again. It is gross."
"I like to do gross things."

( Over Christmas when Kate was home, she found two wadded up, clearly used pieces of toilet paper on Jack's bathroom sink. When asked, Jack said that he had already flushed the toilet and didn't want to waste a flush just for the paper. So he threw it ON THE SINK??)

Kids are so disgusting. At least he has evolved a bit from about six months ago when he used to do the finger test. (I believe I probably blogged about this previously...forgive me if so.) Once when Jack was coming out of the bathroom after taking care of his business, Chris asked him if he had wiped his bottom. (Jack is a lazy kid, what can I say.) Jack replied, "No Daddy. I didn't have to. I put my finger in and it came out regular, so I didn't need to wipe." Nice. This is my well-reared and refined son. Good thing we aren't in Fairfield County anymore...

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