Monday, February 13, 2006


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This is what I will look like. Tomorrow morning, that is. I don't know what happened to me but a switch went off and I went berserk. I ate three pieces of pizza for dinner and then I proceeded to eat a pretty impressive amount of cake from a mix with ready-made frosting. By my standards, it is definitely in the binge category. No doubt, you are wondering what a cake-mix and ready-made frosting is doing in my kitchen. Kate is using the mix to make little heart shaped cakes for her friends at school and there were two plates of cake scraps and lots of frosting. I figured that since the carbs and other evil things from the pizza were already at work aging my face and swelling up my butt, I might as well go all the way and eat as much sugar as I wanted. It is a well kept secret, I am sure, but I LOVE cakes from mixes and ready made frosting. Now you know.

So here I sit with a headache from all the frosting, ready for my sugar energy crash. The only reason that I don't eat more is that I know how sick I will be in the morning.

Which brings me to my next point, which isn't entirely related, but it is my next point just the same. Women, including myself, spend entirely too much energy and time on how they look. I am not suggesting that women quit that effort/angst entirely. No, I don't think letting oneself go is a good idea at all. (I will list my resons in another blog and believe it or not, one reason not to let oneself go is patriotism.) But, I think that if every woman spent even just 10% of the energy she currently spends on looking younger/stylish/slimmer...etc...and put that energy (or money as the case may be) into a REAL cause, the world would be an entirely different place. Just think about it.

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Perk said...

Amen to everything you said in the last paragraph.

Or, as David Bowie has said, "Fashion! Turn to the left--Fashion! Turn to the right--ooh Fashion! We've got the goon squad and we're comin' to town, BEEP BEEP!"