Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tuesday Night

We watched "You, Me and Everyone we Know" tonight on DVD. It was a quirky independent film with a light touch. No Hollywood style manipulation of emotions, no special effects. Just a light, loosely connected story with a feel to it rather than a heavy, predictable plot. We really liked it. We watched "Crash" the other night and I felt completely manipulated. The movie did just about all the heavy lifting for the viewer. I thought that the characters were stereotypes and two dimensional. Yes, it did make me think about race...etc. But, I think it was entirely overrated. There. My movie review for the month. Haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet but I am afraid that I am going to think the same of it as Crash. I read a headline the other day: "Churches Boycott Brokeback Mountain". Who CARES? I cannot stomach when organizations boycott entertainment because they don't agree with something, like in this case, homosexuality. It is entertainment. Period. Lighten up, church lady. If you don't want to watch it, just don't. I boycotted The Passion of Christ but you didn't see my publicist trying to get it into the papers, did you?

Today I made Fleur de Sel Caramels. Fleur de Sel is some kind of special salt that is harvested by (probably underpaid) peasants with special rakes every third blue moon on some special beach on some special sea. It costs something like $35 a pound. I did not buy this Fleur de Sel, but was given it as a gift. I have to say that it is a very nice salt and is especially good on steaks because it is nice and flaky. Other than that, I cannot for the life of me see or taste why someone would pay that much for salt, but K Sarah Sarah. Anyway, I made the caramels. They are amazingly soft and rich caramels but you can't taste the bazillion dollar salt at all. I am trying to make a salted caramel which has the salty sweet thing going. I am going to make another batch tomorrow with triple the salt. We will see how that turns out.

Why am I doing this? I have no idea. Just a whim. I am into the baking/cooking thing again lately. Not a good thing for my skin diet, but I am maintaining some discipline so don't worry too much. I am searching for something creative to do at which I know I can succeed. Writing is difficult, baking for the most part, comes out right for me.

If anyone wants to try some caramels, leave a comment and I will send some along. Salty or not salty? Please specify.

Well, off to bed to read. Still on W&P but moving through it at a good clip. It is a great story.

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Perk said...

I love caramels of all kinds. And Bridgewater toffees. I genuflect at the altar of Blmgtn. Girl's culinary/confectionary prowess.