Friday, March 31, 2006

Little Man

Little Man
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We are going to a family wedding next month. This is a photo of Jack trying on his new suit. Upon seeing his reflection in the mirror, my little guy said, "Mommy, I feel so proud that I am even crying a little." He couldn't get over himself. I admit it, I couldn't get over him either.

Today, sadly, the little man is sick. Good money says it's strep because he has the symptoms and there was a case in his classroom this past week. Off to the doctor at 11:30 AM to confirm my diagnosis.

In other news, I am so obsessed with my writing that I have no time to actually write. I simply obsess about it. Perhaps it could be a new form of the craft.

New posts on the recipe site for those interested. All are tried and true.

Bye for now, loyal readers. More later.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yelling Things at Pedestrians

The Yellow Coat
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Today on the drive home from picking up Jack at his painting class, I saw a woman walking down the street wearing a bright yellow short trench coat. Without thinking, I put down the window and shouted to her, "I love your yellow coat!!!" She looked at me like I was crazy. I put the window back up and just started to crack up. What was I expecting, yelling something out of my car? I guess I was thinking that if someone was wearing a bright yellow trench coat then they were trendy, fun loving and attention seeking, not unlike your lovely Bloomington Girl. I misjudged her or perhaps I just shocked her. If I had been the subject of a drive-by compliment, I would have lit up with a smile and yelled a heart felt "Thank You!". Not so, the pedestrian today. Ah, well. So much for the drive-by compliment.

The last time I can remember doing a drive by yelling was in Manhattan. I was driving in a posh area of town with my friend Amy in the passenger seat. At the time, I believe that I was driving a sexy Ford Taurus Company Fleet Car. Amy saw Ross and Chandler from Friends walking down the street on my side of the car. She threw her body over mine and stuck her head out the window, risking our lives and limbs so she could yell something (I forget what now) at them. We were both in our thirties, then. How mature.

In other news, I bought a new vacuum cleaner today. Don't envy my glamourous life, loyal readers. The machine wasn't a sleek Miele model or even an Electrolux. It was just a Sears Progressive and it was on sale. It was a snazzy shade of orange however. They didn't have it in stock but I ordered it. Sadly, I can't wait to get it. Truth is, I love to vacuum. There, I said it.

Check out my recipe blog. My good friend Dick has joined it as a contributor. As you will see on his profile, his interests are hunting, fishing, making maple syrup and "The Preservation of the Human Body." At first glance, one might thing that as a chef, perhaps he was canning or freezing the human body for later consumption. Fear not, loyal readers, he is an undertaker...or is the politically sensitive term mortician? I don't know. Anyway, he is known in his local area as the Redneck Martha Stewart. He is, perhaps a national treasure. After all, how many outdoorsmen skilled in hunting and fishing can claim the blue ribbon in a cake making contest? I look forward to his recipe contributions.

Off to bed to read W&P. I am on the last section! Peyton Place is next.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lucky Lucky Lucky

IU Jazz Ensemble
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This is another "We are so Lucky to Live Here!" blog. I continue to be surprised and delighted at the wealth of culture this town has. This evening, Chris and I went to see the IU Jazz Ensemble do a free concert on campus. The ensemble is conducted by David Baker, a world renowned jazz musician, composer and educator. It is a privilege to be able to see him. The music was terrific, free and five minutes from our house. Can’t beat it.

Another lucky benefit of this town is my writing group. This morning, I did a twenty minute reading for the group, my first reading of that length. It was a wonderful experience. (It may shock you but I do love an audience for my writing.) I am in the process of going over all of my blog entries (from this and my old blog, I have hundreds of pages of work! My hope is to cull out what is worth rewriting and/or expanding and putting together a compilation of essays for publication. Feel free to cheer me on in the comment section here. When I grow up, I want to do what David Sedaris does - go on book tour and read from my work. Hey, at least I can dream, right?

In other news, well, there is no other news really. Life is good. Full enough and slow enough.

Friday, March 24, 2006

3D Jack Fun & Friday Night in Bloomington

3D Jack
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Just couldn't resist posting this picture of Jack. He has been such a riot lately. Yesterday, he was sitting at the kitchen table and out of the blue he says:

"Mommy? What if the lady wants the kids all to herself and makes me go out and get a job?"

"Do you mean the lady you marry?"

"Yeah. What if she makes me get a job so she can stay home? I don't want to work. I want to stay home."

"Well, then you just talk to the person you are going to marry and make sure that she wants to work and you can stay home with the kids."

"What if she changes her mind and makes me go?"

"Well, I don't know. Maybe you won't even get married, so don't worry about it."

"You mean I don't have to get married my whole life?"

My first thought from this conversation was that I must be some kind of domineering mother/wife figure for Jack to worry that "the lady" would make him get a job. That isn't the case though (really, loyal readers, I am a devoted, deferential wife...)
I do boss Jack around but hey, he is five and that is my job.

It is Friday night after 11 (!!) and I should be getting to bed soon. We went to see a play at IU called Our Country's Good and it was excellent. Small theatre, well written play, excellent acting for $15 a ticket. Five minute drive home. Can't beat it.

Off to bed.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Just a quick boring post to keep my readers somewhat tuning in.

Today it snowed and they closed all the schools. Jack and I played many games of Sequence (a board game he is obsessed with lately) and I ate lots of carbohydrate snacks, including two bowls of cereal and two homemade chocolate chip cookies. By noon, it was apparent that the huge snowfall that was predicted was not going to materialize, so I decided that we didn't have to stay home all day. First stop was my piano lesson which was completely humbling. (I practiced SO hard and still stunk.) Jack came to the piano lesson with me and was an absolute perfect doll, coloring the whole time and not once making fun of his hack mom. After piano, Jack and I went to the Y where I worked off maybe half a cookie while Jack went to the play room where he played with his newest pal, a girl named Riley who chased him around the room the whole time. Ah, young love.

After that, we came home, and played more sequence while I neglected my dinner making duties. Chris came home and I promptly went to bed for a two-hour nap, leaving him to fix dinner and put Jack to bed. It was so unlike me and I felt pretty guilty. But, man, did I need the sleep for some reason. And, since I am still tired, I am off to bed right now.

So, that is my interesting life for today.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


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I got my hair cut this week and I was musing on the variety of beautician experiences I have had. Perhaps I will compile them in a collection in the manner of William James. Until then, blogging will suffice.

When I was in CT, at one point, I used to drive to Greenwich to pay a FORTUNE (I shudder to think of it now) to have my hair cut at "Hopscotch" salon by Hisal (hee-SAL), a gay straight man who owned the place. Gay Straight as in seemingly gay but definitely straight. His salon had the right address and was very chic. The people working there were thin and chic. The staff would run out and get you lunch if you wanted...etc...etc. But, you ask, how was the haircut? It was okay. Okay, that is all. I pretended that it was just perfect because when you spend that much, you have to think so. But with my ultra short do, how badly or how well can one cut it? The range is fairly narrow, I think. Truth be told, I probably just felt oh-so with-it to get my hair cut there. After a while, though, I got tired of the drive and shelling out the cash and I found someone in Westport who was less than half the price and started going to her.

Her name was Ann Marie and she did a great job and didn't charge an arm and a leg...a little less than half of what Hisal charged. I actually thought she was a bargain. (That was my perspective at the time but now I can't imagine paying that much...funny how moving to the midwest changes that viewpoint.)

When we moved here, I took the advice of all the doctor wife types and went to Mira and paid a third of Hisal's price and initially thought it was a steal. The haircuts were okay but not great. Over time, just by living here, my perspective on the cost of things changed and I decided that Mira's prices were way too much. So, I started going to a barber.

Harry the barber cut my hair three times. The hair cuts weren't bad and with a little hair product, I could make it look quite good. His price was ten bucks and he wouldn't take a tip. How can you beat that? Plus, you didn't have to make an appointment. Perfect. But after a while, I got tired of having the flat head thing that barbers can't seem to help but do, so I tried a new hairdresser.

I went to the muh (that's the mall for my newer readers...I refuse to dignify that place with "mall") and went to Regis, the walk in place. Now, when I lived in CT, I wouldn't have considered getting my hair cut in a walk in place in the mall, but here, at the muh, it seemed like the right thing to do. The beautician I got was Becky, a fat, middle aged woman with HUGE glasses and a wildly dyed shock of hair on her head. As you can imagine, there was enough of the CT girl left in me to cause me to take pause at what I had undertaken. Right before she cut my hair, I noticed she had a little tremor in her hands (I am not making this up.) Becky wears these big ballooney sleeves and when she washes your hair, the sleeves sort of slap you in the face in a rhythmic way. It cancels out any relaxation you usually get when you get your hair shampooed. Swap, swap, swap...Then, when she does the temple massage thing. she really leans her weight into is so you think that your neck might break on the sink. Also, not so pleasant. But, loyal readers, I have to say (and I have been back there for three haircuts) that Miss Becky with the tremor, the face slapping sleeves and the neck-breaking hair wash gives the most precise perfect short hair cut I have had in a long, long while. Her price? In relative terms, a quarter of Hisal's, half of Ann Marie's, two thirds of Mira's but alas, three times Harry. Who knew?

In other ramblings, I went to see Failure to Launch tonight. (It was this girls night out thing...not my usual movie choice.) It was a silly, shameless Hollywood movie but it was worth seeing for one thing. Terry Bradshaw does a nude scene (not full frontal, but full back) and it is a riot. I wanted to cheer, GOOD FOR YOU! It was so refreshing to see someone that age being shown in an age appropriate way on the big screen. So different than the rediculous perfection we are always being force fed. Bravo for you Mr. Bradshaw.

Off to bed. MUST finish W&P so I can start Peyton Place.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Money Maker (The opinions expressed here are soley BloomingtonGirl's and shouldn't reflect badly on her family.)

Money Maker
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The brothel operating out of this average looking house in Queens grossed a cool $1.1 million in the 41 weeks it was open last year before getting busted by an undercover cop. The target of the bust was not only the brothel, but two cops who were taking bribes from the madam for looking the other way while busting the madam's competition.

The brothel was operated by a South Korean couple and it is believed that 16 Chinese and South Korean women worked there. A man who had frequented this and other South Korean brothels in the city said only Chinese and South Korean men were admitted to such places and that the price for service was always less ($150 in this case) for a Chinese man and more ($200) for a South Korean. Why would that be? Why would the South Koreans be charged more by a South Korean establishment?

Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that BloomingtonGirl needs to get a job or a hobby so that she can fill her mind with more worthy questions. But, loyal readers, be honest. Don't you wonder why there is a price difference? What do South Korean clients ask for that Chinese clients don't? I am curious but I admit that I have no real way of finding this out. If any of my loyal readers have a clue, please comment.

Back to the $1.1 million. I know that I shouldn't be surprised at how much revenue the sex trade generates, but I always am. This kind of information makes me wonder why the government doesn't just go ahead and legalize and tax the sex trade. Yes, there would still be an enormous underground cash under the table trade, but there would be a ton of legit trade that would result in tax revenue. And we all know this country needs more tax revenue.

The government could market the program to the country saying something to the effect :

"By taxing screwing revenue, we are offsetting our costs to do our screwing around the world. Be patriotic. Do your duty."

But, seriously, I have never understood why prostitution isn't legal. You can do all sorts of things for money, why not sex? Granted, it wouldn't be my chosen profession, nor would I want my daughters earning their incomes thus. But, I think that if someone wants to earn his or her living in that way, they should be able to do so. Let's face it, some women prefer cash to a dinner and should have that option.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A New Blog

Hi Loyal Readers!

I have decided to start a recipe blog on which I am going to post, you guessed it, my very favorite recipes. (Excepting of course my double secret LuckyGuy Bakery Recipes).

I am going to keep this blog, of course, so stay tuned here as well.

Here is the link to my new blog which should pop up in a new window:

Really Great Recipes

I hope you enjoy the recipes. I will post them as time allows, so be patient.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pizza, Beer, Beethoven & Atonement

A short post before bed. Rained ALL day, steady. No tomatoes, though, so that was nice. Tonight Chris and I went out to Lenny's for their most excellent micro-brewed beer and a pizza. I ate half of a pizza like it was my last meal. I just don't know what came over me. Then, we went to the bookstore to pick up a CD that Chris wanted. After that, we headed over to IU to see a concert at their music school. It was a faculty recital so it was excellent and free. A pianist and a cellist (don't ask me their names, please) did an all Beethoven program. It was wonderful and pretty awesome in the true sense of the word. The pianist's fingers just flew so fast and weightlessly over the keys. It seemed that there was no separation between the pianist and the piano. He was amazing. The cellist was amazing too, but since I have been practicing my one pathetic challenging (for me, anyway) piece all week, over and over and over and over and over...and not getting it quite right, I was focused on the pianist.

This is the exact kind of evening that makes me love Bloomington. Getting around here is quick and easy and the cultural offerings are high quality, abundant and varied. Not to mention that the food is good as well.

Speaking of the food, many of my loyal readers may have gasped when I confessed that I indulged in carby, salty, fatty pizza and bloaty beer tonight. So that you won't worry too much that BloomingtonGirl is sliding down the slippery slope of letting herself go after such success with the Dr. Spoilsport regime, I want you to know this:

In order that the pizza not show too much on my ever aging face, at this very minute, I am wearing a pore-minimizing mask. This green clay mask was preceded by a mini-micro-dermabrasion treatment and will be followed by anti-aging serum and a vitamin C enriched night cream smoothed over face and neck and last but certainly not least, some eye defense serum. As for dealing with the excess bloat the million pizza calories will put on my lower body, I will just have to swim two miles tomorrow.

It ain’t easy being a sinner.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Genius & Tomato Warnings

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Lucille Ball was a genius. I was at the gym today and could see an I Love Lucy episode on one of the TVs. I didn't have headphones but didn't need them to enjoy it. It appeared that she was rolling cigars next to a man who really knew how to do it. She appeared to be trying to pass as a man. Her physical comedy was absolutely genius. What I love about her too was that she was SUCH a pioneer for women in the entertainment industry. Here's to you, Lucille Ball!

That was a little random, but I Love Lucy, what can I say?

This morning, the town, maybe the whole state, was testing the tornado sirens. Usually, they go off at noon every Friday and because you expect it, you just ignore it. But, today, it was a very rainy, bleak day and NOT a Friday obviously. Mid morning, while the security alarm guy was here fixing our system (which went absolutely BERSERK!!!!!! recently in a post lightning strike traumatic stress disorder display), the sirens started going off more loudly than I had ever heard them. My first thought was Great, now I am going to be stuck in the basement with the alarm guy (I really don't believe that we would actually get hit by a tornado...after all there are no trailer parks anywhere near this neighborhood), so having to hang out in the basement with the alarm guy, the dog and my son was my main concern. We consulted the TV and the internet and determined that it was a test. Phew! Then, later in the day, right as we were about to sit down for dinner, the alarms went off again. Jack started carrying on that we needed to get in the basement right away. "It might be a tomato!!" he cried. I am going to adopt the terminology. Tomato season will soon be upon us.

The weather here has nothing to recommend it.

Well, it is late and I must go to bed.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Just a Girl Who Can Say No

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Don't you just love Jack's mask? He made it in his weekly art class at our local gem of an art center. It's an owl, in case you are wondering.

My little guy is down with the stomach flu today. I hate to see him sick but (sadly) it is the only time he is a cuddler and I just love that aspect of it.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a former boss of mine, actually he was the president of a company I used to work for. He said that he had just taken a position as president/CEO of a similar company and wanted to discuss an opportunity with me. He called last Friday and essentially offered me a part-time job that is pretty much a perfect fit for me. It would be the Global Account manager covering a certain large pharma company headquartered in Indy. Long story short, there is a situation there that needs addressing and (excuse my boasting) what needs to be done is right up my alley. It is what I had been most successful at in my past career.

As flattered as I am and as tempting as it always is when someone wants to hire you, I am going to call him tomorrow and decline the offer. I am just not ready to make a commitment outside the home at this point. Jack is too young and I think that it would stress us all out. Maybe in a couple of years or so. Who knows? In any event, it is nice to know that someone would hire me out there.

Nothing else is new here. While Jack slept today, I read for an hour in my new chair with my new lamp and it was heaven. After I practice piano, that is where I am heading.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Chirally Correct Skin Care

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A couple of weeks ago I went to get a facial at the Southern Indiana Dermatology Center. Basically, this place is a THRIVING dermatology practice (you can't get into see a doc for six months as a new patient) with a little skin care spa in the same building. After I filled out all the medical and insurance forms, I was ushered from the patient waiting room where I assume that people had genuine skin concerns to the spa where women like me go to seek the fountain of youth. While I was waiting for the esthitician, I browsed through the material on Botox, Restylene and Laser Treatments (just for research purposes, of course). Then, a little sign caught my eye which listed the different kinds of facials one could have. There was a variety but they all had one thing in common. Each type of facial was advertised as being done with "Chirally Correct" products.

I read the entire sign and could find no explanation of what Chirally Correct was and why a client should care about it. I knew what it meant from my chemistry courses and my stint in the pharma industry. But, I will betcha that at least 90% of women reading that information have no idea wha the hell it means. I hate that kind of bullshit marketing. But, on the other hand, it is instructive. The next time I am razzle-dazzled by some terms I don't understand promising to make me look younger, good money says it is similar bullshit marketing.

That's all. I just wanted to get that off my chest.