Friday, March 24, 2006

3D Jack Fun & Friday Night in Bloomington

3D Jack
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Just couldn't resist posting this picture of Jack. He has been such a riot lately. Yesterday, he was sitting at the kitchen table and out of the blue he says:

"Mommy? What if the lady wants the kids all to herself and makes me go out and get a job?"

"Do you mean the lady you marry?"

"Yeah. What if she makes me get a job so she can stay home? I don't want to work. I want to stay home."

"Well, then you just talk to the person you are going to marry and make sure that she wants to work and you can stay home with the kids."

"What if she changes her mind and makes me go?"

"Well, I don't know. Maybe you won't even get married, so don't worry about it."

"You mean I don't have to get married my whole life?"

My first thought from this conversation was that I must be some kind of domineering mother/wife figure for Jack to worry that "the lady" would make him get a job. That isn't the case though (really, loyal readers, I am a devoted, deferential wife...)
I do boss Jack around but hey, he is five and that is my job.

It is Friday night after 11 (!!) and I should be getting to bed soon. We went to see a play at IU called Our Country's Good and it was excellent. Small theatre, well written play, excellent acting for $15 a ticket. Five minute drive home. Can't beat it.

Off to bed.

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