Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Genius & Tomato Warnings

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Lucille Ball was a genius. I was at the gym today and could see an I Love Lucy episode on one of the TVs. I didn't have headphones but didn't need them to enjoy it. It appeared that she was rolling cigars next to a man who really knew how to do it. She appeared to be trying to pass as a man. Her physical comedy was absolutely genius. What I love about her too was that she was SUCH a pioneer for women in the entertainment industry. Here's to you, Lucille Ball!

That was a little random, but I Love Lucy, what can I say?

This morning, the town, maybe the whole state, was testing the tornado sirens. Usually, they go off at noon every Friday and because you expect it, you just ignore it. But, today, it was a very rainy, bleak day and NOT a Friday obviously. Mid morning, while the security alarm guy was here fixing our system (which went absolutely BERSERK!!!!!! recently in a post lightning strike traumatic stress disorder display), the sirens started going off more loudly than I had ever heard them. My first thought was Great, now I am going to be stuck in the basement with the alarm guy (I really don't believe that we would actually get hit by a tornado...after all there are no trailer parks anywhere near this neighborhood), so having to hang out in the basement with the alarm guy, the dog and my son was my main concern. We consulted the TV and the internet and determined that it was a test. Phew! Then, later in the day, right as we were about to sit down for dinner, the alarms went off again. Jack started carrying on that we needed to get in the basement right away. "It might be a tomato!!" he cried. I am going to adopt the terminology. Tomato season will soon be upon us.

The weather here has nothing to recommend it.

Well, it is late and I must go to bed.

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