Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Just a quick boring post to keep my readers somewhat tuning in.

Today it snowed and they closed all the schools. Jack and I played many games of Sequence (a board game he is obsessed with lately) and I ate lots of carbohydrate snacks, including two bowls of cereal and two homemade chocolate chip cookies. By noon, it was apparent that the huge snowfall that was predicted was not going to materialize, so I decided that we didn't have to stay home all day. First stop was my piano lesson which was completely humbling. (I practiced SO hard and still stunk.) Jack came to the piano lesson with me and was an absolute perfect doll, coloring the whole time and not once making fun of his hack mom. After piano, Jack and I went to the Y where I worked off maybe half a cookie while Jack went to the play room where he played with his newest pal, a girl named Riley who chased him around the room the whole time. Ah, young love.

After that, we came home, and played more sequence while I neglected my dinner making duties. Chris came home and I promptly went to bed for a two-hour nap, leaving him to fix dinner and put Jack to bed. It was so unlike me and I felt pretty guilty. But, man, did I need the sleep for some reason. And, since I am still tired, I am off to bed right now.

So, that is my interesting life for today.

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