Friday, March 31, 2006

Little Man

Little Man
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We are going to a family wedding next month. This is a photo of Jack trying on his new suit. Upon seeing his reflection in the mirror, my little guy said, "Mommy, I feel so proud that I am even crying a little." He couldn't get over himself. I admit it, I couldn't get over him either.

Today, sadly, the little man is sick. Good money says it's strep because he has the symptoms and there was a case in his classroom this past week. Off to the doctor at 11:30 AM to confirm my diagnosis.

In other news, I am so obsessed with my writing that I have no time to actually write. I simply obsess about it. Perhaps it could be a new form of the craft.

New posts on the recipe site for those interested. All are tried and true.

Bye for now, loyal readers. More later.

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