Monday, March 13, 2006

Money Maker (The opinions expressed here are soley BloomingtonGirl's and shouldn't reflect badly on her family.)

Money Maker
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The brothel operating out of this average looking house in Queens grossed a cool $1.1 million in the 41 weeks it was open last year before getting busted by an undercover cop. The target of the bust was not only the brothel, but two cops who were taking bribes from the madam for looking the other way while busting the madam's competition.

The brothel was operated by a South Korean couple and it is believed that 16 Chinese and South Korean women worked there. A man who had frequented this and other South Korean brothels in the city said only Chinese and South Korean men were admitted to such places and that the price for service was always less ($150 in this case) for a Chinese man and more ($200) for a South Korean. Why would that be? Why would the South Koreans be charged more by a South Korean establishment?

Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that BloomingtonGirl needs to get a job or a hobby so that she can fill her mind with more worthy questions. But, loyal readers, be honest. Don't you wonder why there is a price difference? What do South Korean clients ask for that Chinese clients don't? I am curious but I admit that I have no real way of finding this out. If any of my loyal readers have a clue, please comment.

Back to the $1.1 million. I know that I shouldn't be surprised at how much revenue the sex trade generates, but I always am. This kind of information makes me wonder why the government doesn't just go ahead and legalize and tax the sex trade. Yes, there would still be an enormous underground cash under the table trade, but there would be a ton of legit trade that would result in tax revenue. And we all know this country needs more tax revenue.

The government could market the program to the country saying something to the effect :

"By taxing screwing revenue, we are offsetting our costs to do our screwing around the world. Be patriotic. Do your duty."

But, seriously, I have never understood why prostitution isn't legal. You can do all sorts of things for money, why not sex? Granted, it wouldn't be my chosen profession, nor would I want my daughters earning their incomes thus. But, I think that if someone wants to earn his or her living in that way, they should be able to do so. Let's face it, some women prefer cash to a dinner and should have that option.

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