Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pizza, Beer, Beethoven & Atonement

A short post before bed. Rained ALL day, steady. No tomatoes, though, so that was nice. Tonight Chris and I went out to Lenny's for their most excellent micro-brewed beer and a pizza. I ate half of a pizza like it was my last meal. I just don't know what came over me. Then, we went to the bookstore to pick up a CD that Chris wanted. After that, we headed over to IU to see a concert at their music school. It was a faculty recital so it was excellent and free. A pianist and a cellist (don't ask me their names, please) did an all Beethoven program. It was wonderful and pretty awesome in the true sense of the word. The pianist's fingers just flew so fast and weightlessly over the keys. It seemed that there was no separation between the pianist and the piano. He was amazing. The cellist was amazing too, but since I have been practicing my one pathetic challenging (for me, anyway) piece all week, over and over and over and over and over...and not getting it quite right, I was focused on the pianist.

This is the exact kind of evening that makes me love Bloomington. Getting around here is quick and easy and the cultural offerings are high quality, abundant and varied. Not to mention that the food is good as well.

Speaking of the food, many of my loyal readers may have gasped when I confessed that I indulged in carby, salty, fatty pizza and bloaty beer tonight. So that you won't worry too much that BloomingtonGirl is sliding down the slippery slope of letting herself go after such success with the Dr. Spoilsport regime, I want you to know this:

In order that the pizza not show too much on my ever aging face, at this very minute, I am wearing a pore-minimizing mask. This green clay mask was preceded by a mini-micro-dermabrasion treatment and will be followed by anti-aging serum and a vitamin C enriched night cream smoothed over face and neck and last but certainly not least, some eye defense serum. As for dealing with the excess bloat the million pizza calories will put on my lower body, I will just have to swim two miles tomorrow.

It ain’t easy being a sinner.

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