Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Getting Settled, Stupid People, I am a Pig & Restraint of Pen and Tongue

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Warning: This is a rambling blog that has no particular point or even wit. Don't say you weren't warned.

I have been reading through my very old blogs recently. The ones from late 2004 and early 2005 (www.jonimcgary.blogspot.com) which describe the preparation for our move to IN and our first experiences here. This exercise is not merely one of nostalgia, though I must admit that it is enjoyable just for that. I am doing this to find material I can develop into larger pieces for a compilation I am working on. It isn't clear what I'll do with it once it is finished. I'll either decide to try and get some/all of it published or I won't. Either way, it is fun to look back on our journey from CT to IN.

A very smart friend of mine has often reminded me that it takes at least two years to really get settled in a new place. I think that he's right. Two years and three months have passed since we became Hoosiers and I can finally say that I feel settled. I no longer long for Connecticut. This is our home now. I have become accustomed to the pace and ease of life here and I think that it would be difficult to re-enter the pace at which we used to live. I hadn't felt this way until pretty recently - very recenly actually. I would have a hard time leaving this place now. I have often sung the praises of Bloomington in this blog, so I won't bore you with doing it yet again. Suffice it to say that we really take advantage of the arts/sports/food...etc. here and enjoy the ease and INexpense of it all.

I have even accepted that we are going to stay in this McMansion of a house. As you know, Chris and I have been toying with possibly selling our house this spring while the market is still decent and then renting until we find a place or even building. But, alas, we are too tired and lazy to make a big move again right now AND- more importantly - we've come to realize that we have such amazing neighbors on this street that it would be crazy to move. So, that is that.

Now, on to Stupid People. I have no point to make other than this: If you don't believe that this world is peopled with stupid humans, just turn on Dr. Laura and listen to a few of the callers and the messes they have made of their lives and their childrens' lives. Don't get me wrong...I am no huge fan of Dr. Laura. She is WAY too far right for me. On the other hand, I don't disagree with everything she says. Like everyone and everything, she is a mixed bag. Except for our president. No mixed bag there. He is a pure bag of bad news for this country. But, I digress...

In other news, I am a P-I-G. Yes, it is true. Today, I ate three very light and healthy meals but made sure I undermined every healthy bite by stuffing my face with decadent stuff in between. By way of confession, I ate three (homemade) scones over the course of the morning, (that was after breakfast) and an entire bag of sea- salt bagel chips (about 780 calories total with saturated fat to boot) in the late afternoon. After dinner, I polished off a rich chocolate cupcake - not very big to be fair - and a healthy glass of wine. There. Now that I have confessed, I am spiritually purged. I can't physically purge because bulimia has never been my strong suit. I did take my bike out for the first time this season but it was a brief ride so I can't justify my bagel chip/scone/cupcake food fest. Alas, there is always tomorrow.

Not much else to report. The picture here is of Betsy, my (gasp!) grandaughter and I must say that it does not do her justice. She is a beautiful, happy and very funny little girl. I am happy to report that Megan is a good mother to her and that Abram is a fine husband and father. It is an understatement that I wasn't keen on Megan getting pregnant and married thing at SUCH a young and unprepared age, but I gotta admit she and her husband are making it work. Life keeps teaching me to keep an open mind and a closed mouth. And many of you know that a closed mouth is not a natural state for your BloomingtonGirl.

I have watched recently as two (completely unrelated) families have developed what will likely be permanent rifts and hard feelings over things that could have been prevented had most everyone involved exercised a little less selfishness and also restraint of tongue and pen. Time passes and things change (including how you feel about things, or how angry you are, or how slighted you feel...etc) and it is most often better to have worked out your own feelings in private rather than opened your mouth in the heat of the moment. Or at the very least, to have waited a day or two before you publish your thoughts verbally, on paper or electronically, never able to retract them again. It is a hard thing to do, but it is most always the best thing. I don’t often live up to this lofty goal, but I am getting ever so slightly better over time. Being a stepmother taught me a lot in this area. I am sorry to say that I didn’t learn proactively...I learned from my mistakes. Fortunately, they have all been fix-able.

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Perk said...

About being a pig---I am currently trying to lose a few pounds and am being undermined by big sister who, in the guise of the Easter Bunny, keeps showing up with bags and tins of Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans that I can't help from eating handfuls of until they're totally devoured...they're WAY too good...